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Not getting enough exercise in but definitely trying. Having my heart rate go up because of stress doesn't really count as a healthy workout, does it? Blech. ds is finding it helpful to go for a walk together every night so that is something. He is almost a foot taller than I am now so it keeps me moving at a good pace! One more week of the weaning process and he will be medication-free and then we watch and keep our fingers crossed. His health is a whole lot better, now...
I love what kerc said here about this stuff. Some of the power and satisfaction bullies gain is when they see someone trying to be their friend and having the power to dis them and have them keep coming back for more. Say hi once, if there is no response, don't worry about the reason, just carry on. If this girl says hi to everyone else, then just stop saying hi to her. When bullies of any kind or degree realize they are losing power they escalate and if their target is...
Just came in from a long walk along the shore. Things seem to be coming to a head around here and I am in front of some really difficult decisions and feel scared and alone - also confident on some level because the mama-bear in me is so strong right now - but things are not good right now  
Does walking my kids a couple of kilometers to and from work and walking the dog count towards maintaining my Dingo status?  I can't believe how inactive I have become after being on my feel all summer. I need to find a middle ground here!   kerc - I have noticed that every single person I know who has been to a naturopath around here has been told they are gluten sensitive. It does make me suspicious. That said, when I keep it out of my diet I do feel significantly...
I need this imprinted on my eyeballs these days!       .
This reminds me that this is the week of the month that I need to bake a big chocolate cake if my two dd's are to avoid killing each other. I think I might be about 18 hours too late but heavy doses of chocolate seems to be the only thing that keeps the hormone surges under control.     
Happy Birthday bec!!   Today is Thanksgiving and I think we are going to make it through the day. We had a rough start on many fronts and I came sooooo close to just saying forget it, I'm not doing it. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday so it was huge to get that close to ditching my h and family for the day but something shifted and now two pies are cooling on the counter, the turkey is in the oven and everything else is set to go when its time comes.
New Posts  All Forums: