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Not sure that I can do much more than read along right now but I am going to try to do at least that much. I love all of you dingoes so much. I am doing yoga and walking every day. There have been some days when I have run a little bit but there isn't always the time or the energy and I am not worrying about it. Forward motion in every aspect of life is all I can hope for these days and it is a tough slog sometimes.    
I felt great when I was paleo for a couple of months, then got lazy and before I knew it was back to constant pain, headaches and other issues. Had a terrible gluten reaction one day and that got me back on track! Sometimes it is still a bit of a mental/emotional leap to realize I have gone from being mostly vegetarian to paleo and have had to ditch most of my ideas about nutrition in order to feel healthy.    
I really want to do lots of personals but just can't right now. Lots of  and  to everyone with all that is happening.
It is freezing cold here. Am going to make a big pot of soup today. My fingers are too cold to knit or type properly!
Welcome home Jo!!     Nic, I am glad you made it through the day safely. It sounds like it was a risky day to be moving so hard in that weather and I am glad you are okay! And that your kids got to see you and you had some time to wind down too.    I was doing so well with sticking to a diet that makes me feel good and I slipped off the rails a few days ago and have been having trouble getting back on. It is the sugar thing that gets me. Time to be hard core for...
My kids have gone through phases of eating too much junk. It was much easier to simply manage what was available when they are younger but once they are teens and earning a pay cheque? Ugh. The bags of Doritos, 2L bottles of pop, doughnuts, etc that made their way into this house made me cringe. They have each gone through a binge phase and then outgrew it on their own. Having them pay for their own junk food helps. One by one I have seen them make the realization that...
Yay!   babybugmama!
Hello, my dear Dingo friends   I don't have time to read and catch up with everyone now but want to this week. I will also share an update elsewhere in the next few days. Today was a pivotal day for me. I am okay, good even, but something major has shifted. Thank you for helping me get to this point.
What a day. It started out amazing - great energy, lots of good things planned, beautiful weather, it looked promising. I had fun this morning - dropped into the cafe I worked at last summer and visited with people there. That job was crazy hard physically but really fun too. I will work a couple of shifts later this month and I am looking forward to it. Then I got to assemble a Mother's Day gift basket full of yarn for someone and that was really fun. My plan was for me...
loftmama - I will post a link today or tomorrow to my Etsy shop.   Dingoes - you all blow me away. I will reply in the yahoo group as soon as I can find a few minutes alone to post.   There is a robin who is determined to get into our kitchen, it seems. he sits on the window ledge and pecks at the window for hours each day!
New Posts  All Forums: