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I think a nice and simple cable would be great! Does your library have the stitch and Bitch nation book from Debbie Stoller? The cable hat in there is just great & knits up very quick. - Again, it calls for bulky weight, so I would adjust maybe knit the large instead of a medium - to get the size you want. I knit one up in a day for a Holiday gift - it was a hit & I almost kept it you can see it here & here
I sold all of my dp needles months ago. The gal at my LYS said that I would need them for doing thumbs of mittens, but that is not at all true. I prefer the 32" or 40" circs - www.knitpicks.com options are the only ones I use now ~ but i can Magic loop on their 24" needle if I need to. I have done away with my addi turbo needles as the cords are not nearly as flexible as the Knitpicks. Magic Loop has brought my knitting to a whole different level Good Luck...
Glad to see another convert! I let all of DPN go a while ago
love it! Great accent colors too
That is great! I tell people to stay away from scarves for the first project, you jumped right in!
In case anyone is in the market for more : it is here if you want to take a peek
I am using some of the knitpicks right now & it is knitting up really nice. I think it was $8 for 2 balls - enough for adult socks
Quote: Originally Posted by SAHM42 Ahhhhhhhhhh to be semi wealthy I would never trade the time with my huuby or kids for it tho' : as I have said since dd was born...I will happily eat PBJ sandwiches and be home then have a steak and work :
That is soo cool!!!! I am in love with mine & I have invited all of my knitter friends to use it....so I don't keep buying new hanks
I probably wouldn't knit during the classes, but I would for sure bring it and work during the breaks There is nothing worse then free time and no knitting on hand
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