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Doesn't $4+ dollars for first class shipping seem expensive for 2 diapers??
See I had leaking BAD , but I had hemp inserts. I wanna try but am scared. I wish they had apliz instead.
so my 25lber should fit in a large?
Do they come with an insert? No leaking isssues??
I recently sold off all my diapers. Now I want to start over again. My mother needs aplix. Dh prefers aplix. Please list all the options you can think of! Thanks!
They are tooo cute!!
I liked simple proraps
awww...11 months is pretty good.
At Sophie's soakers!!! Free shipping! http://hyenacart.com/SophiesSoakers/ She has a really cute capri set! She also made me custom shorts! They are soooo cute!! If you haven't tried Shellys work you should!!
I think it all just depends on the child. i have heard mixed reviews about size. My dd is 21lbs and the medium is perfect. The Large is huge. They have alot of stretch like a swaddlebees.
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