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Nicole, for bleeding gums my midwife said to eat the white part of an orange. that really helped reduce the amount of bleeding I had from my gums.  
I do not want to go with chemicals again and condoms really bother me - painful and swelling bother. Happily, I do not ovulate for 18 months after birth - really, this is child number 4 and all kids are 27 months apart.  So we can put off the decision for a year - and DH has said he'd go for the V. We will see. I get so bored doing FAM while nursing because it is 450 days of no change at all. The chart looks very strange after a while. 
Here is a website quiz that predicts when that baby will pop out based on data you enter. I'd love for my prediction to be true. After throwing in all the info I have, I am told:     Just about the time you think you can't handle hearing one more "when is that baby going to pop?", your baby will decide to make it's appearance. We predict your baby will...
This is identical to what is going on for me, except I have not put in quite so much pain...just close  
Um...how far along are you? I would start to be proacvtive at about 32 weeks - chiro, moxybustion, yoga....Usually, they turn on their own by 36 weeks.   This is my little story. My first was breech at term and nothing prior had worked, so, because it was my first it was off to the OR. I wish I had had more notice to turn him -( even an external version did not work).   A vaginal birth of a breech baby is more possible after prior births, but you need to find...
26 weeks and 18 pounds. Eating whatever I want, whenever I want...good thing I want the veggies, oats and steak....
I'd skip and borrow the Birth Partner form the library and bookmark the sections relevant to your partnership. You have already done it once and like riding a bike, you do not forget.....
The ultra sound went well. The placenta is anterior - so right against my front, blocking all his little movements. He is also squished right up against it - we could not get a profile look at him...Otherwise my untrained eye thought he looked healthy... will get details tomorrow at MW appointment.    Thanks for listening.   Julia
I've been raiding our chicken coop for eggs. I love omlettes with peppers and tomatoes. I've also been mowing down on oatmeal with fruit and maple syrup. We make pancakes nearly every day. I like mine with fried banana in them. (Make the batter in a blender - easy mixing and pouring.)   The other ideas have been fabulous. (Sadly, no dairy or wheat for me....just mouth watering envy at the good cheeses listed.)
I got another kick tonight at work. Yeah!!
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