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I am worried. This is number 4 and the quite-est baby I have ever had. I have felt movement only 4 times and I am 19 weeks tomorrow. I have a US scheduled for Thursday - routine, so just waiting..imagining a hundred different reasons. Maybe I have finally lucked out and got a mellow babe? Maybe its twins kicking each other. Or placenta placement. Or... Glad to hear of others having a similar feeling - or lack thereof.   Julia  
I am a savoury kinda breakfaster. I live on an Ecovillage, so small town works, but we are only about 1.5 hours from a major city.    Living on a farm is not too dreamy...unless you love your work in a city.
My forst born's initials are JJ so it was pretty easy to go with JJ'sMom. After all, that's what I was doing with my time here....learning mommy tips for a newborn.    Our favorite charity is the David Suzuki Foundation.   My most guilty pleasure is reading uninterrupted a good fiction novel - children or adult, as ling as its good! Usually it has to be a science fantasy type to get called good. I love total escapism. One month anywhere in the world...Hmm. I...
Please add me to the huge list...   Due October 6 - #4 JJ'sMom (Julia)
I scheduled my ultrasound for May 12. It takes weeks to get in here for routine stuff so the midwife gave me the requisition sheet at our first visit and told me to call. This is our 4th and we did not find out the gender with the others, but will this time. DH really wants to know...again, no preferences.     
I figure the baby takes 9 or 10 months because that is how long it takes our brains to adapts and accept that our lives are changing. I think it is totally normal not to remember every minute of the day that you are pregnant. (As an extreme example,I forgot once when I was 8 months long and lifted my 2 boys over a fence then jumped it myself...then thought I was totally crazy.) Eventually, your over thinking brain gets beat into submission by your ever changing body and...
I think the same way as you.   I have one ultrasound at about 20 weeks to check the location of the placenta as the midwives require that for a safe home birth. I also decline the doppler heartbeat every appointment as just have them use a fetoscope after 20 weeks. It has worked for us well.    (Okay, I do allow one doppler heartbeat to confirm pregnancy at about 12 weeks.....) Good links and information. Julia
10 years eh? I'd pack a cooking set, tool set and solar power kit. Then i can make toys, useful items and good food. Dh would die without internet, so he'd manage to pack a PC and satelite link.... three kids - buckets of sunscreen, medical kit, medicine kit with herbal remedies book.   I think we could create the rest....and learn to read by writing in the sand? Fascinating question though.
Me too. I don't remember it being this early though. I hope I get over it soon. 'Tis a bit distracting to chase my other kids doubled over...
A difficult choice indeed! My first reaction was to take the money and keep your backbone. Make sure it's cash too. (I am often concerned about being left with the bill when someone else has offered to pay.)   Upon a moment of reflection, I would ask the midwife if she has a sliding scale and try that first.     It sounds like he reads your posts and our replies. I want to encourage you to keep setting clear boundaries with him. If he makes up stories to help...
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