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Agh! Cravings I cannot give in to. I have a bad reaction to dairy and all I want lately is a pb and (hide) cheeze whiz sandwich. I also cannot eat wheat. I have in the past and every child born has been intolerant of wheat for a year after birth - it gets into my milk and they get colicly. Cravings be gone!!!    That said, I do eat deli meat and vegetarian sushi. 
Hi everyone.    I am finally joining you all. I am expecting #4 in mid October. DH and I a building our home right now. We expect to be done and moved in by late June. My kids are 6, 4 and 2. Two boys and a girl. I have had one csection and two home births. My labours have been so fast that a hospital birth is not expected. I am looking forward to getting to know you all more.   We are with a new midwifery practice, so it is a new adventure for us...
I buried DC1's placenta under a tree. I was going to encapsulate DC3 because I had PPD with DC1 and 2 but hubby BURNT it. Happily, I still had DC2's in the freezer so I hauled my butt out of my bed and prepared that. It was totally worth doing and I will be eating placenta again. I never want to have PPD ever again. Ever.
I remember when I was in the same situation as you. I had a C with my first as he was breech, followed a HBAC with a 8lb, 13 oz one. (I am 5'4). Just remember to be in the moment and accept your body as it opens to let out your beautiful child. I fought a bit with my third and it was harder. Really be in the moment and keep telling yourself, this is a once in a lifetime experience. After all, every birth is different.
I recently fell over on my bike with DS2 in the front bike seat. It was great because I could see how DS was doing while I got us recovered. If he'd been in a back seat, I'd not be able to see him and would have had to twist to check on him, which was not possible.
I am always impressed when my 2yo wears a 6 year size girls shirt with his 18 mts fleece pants and size 4 undies..... So what to tell the GParents for gifting???
Evie's Momma, under "Why is rice cereal SO BAD" posted: Grains require amylase to be digested. The human body does not start producing amylase until 18-24 months. Therefore, any grains can be hard on their body to digest. Breastmilk does contain small amounts of amylase, but this is to aid the baby in digesting the milk, not additional food. Grains are also coated in phytic acid because they are seeds that are meant to be consumed by animals, survive in their...
I did read the study as I was concerned too. The difference was less than a millimeter and mostly inaccurate. the likelyhood is only .02% with the scar
Interesting stuff that gets pulled out of asses, eh? I had a c sec for the first(breech) and then the next two births were 3 and 5 days before their "due dates." That being said, I also had a different HCP who is a practicing naturopath and she gave me a cordial to prepare my body for labour. Boy, did it ever work.
I think that in our province, doing 40 births a year is considered a full time practice. I don't think there is an actual limit, just a practical one. Two midwives can share and do 80 a year. This gets fuzzy because a MW only gets the full pay from the gov't if they deliver, so if the mom has an emergency C, the amount paid is less.
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