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Yep, still pregnant. Not due till the 21, plus or minus 5 days....but so ready for the pain to stop. Ah, well. All in good time.
I can breath again. Yipee!! So I guess this means that the baby either changed position a bit or.....Dropped. With about 2 weeks to go, it is so nice to inhale. : Anyone else finding joy in the little things?
You can tell her you will be happy to discuss an induction at 41 weeks, based on the ultrasound due date, when you come in for your 41 week appointment. After all, if the baby does not come out by then, you can discuss it and still refuse, and you have put her off and looked compliant and then she is more comfortable in her role too and thus less likely to hassle you. Good luck.
One thing I always consider is "How would the doctor treat a girl with a similar infection?" (Kinda corny, but it gives me space to think.) Then that is how I would want to proceed with my boys. I have yet to hear a dr. suggest circumcision for a girl with a health issue in her genitalia.
I am having the dreaming labor too. Sadly, I am not due for 3 more weeks. I keep chanting "All in due time"
Yes. You can fold the fabric in half to make the pocket more shallow, but I think it is better for a bigger baby.
Finally, I have found the sling I want. : I used a ring sling for DS1 and DS2 would only use a wrap. I was at a baby fair today with MIL. A vendor there had designed her own slings and gave me a demo on them. I love it. Especially the 3 covers part. I got her website to order from later as I am not so sure baby will love it. I'll try baby in the ring sling first.....DS2 was very clear in his dislike of the sling positions. Sorry this is so disjointed. Anyway...
Yes, run out and get a bra. Make sure the nursing pads will fit inside the cup. (Just slide your hand into the cup with the boob, from the top, to make sure there is enough room for the milk and pads.) A supportive bra is a blessing. I had to wear mine at night for the first month or I'd wake up in a puddle of milk.
Funny responses ladies. I love them. -you go pee, sigh, lift baby up and pee some more. -you swear one side of your belly will get stretch marks from the kicking and the other side will be unmarred. -getting up from any position requires a totally new set of muscles and movement patterns that rival that of any Olympic gymnast.
I went on a date with my hubby three days before baby was due. Went to bed that night and woke up at 1:15am in transition. Called midwives and had baby in arms two hours later. No warnings at all. It does happen.
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