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Well, if you really want to know.... I have had nasty back pain since the second trimester - chiro and massage therapy cannot touch it. It is in the sacrum. If I sit for any length of time, my vulva swell so much I feel like I am wearing a diaper. My 2 yr old has turned clingy and started to give up napping. My 4 yr old alternates between independence and dependence, both very vocally. I have both reflux and a low lying baby, so I am getting problems at both ends of my...
I've been getting the breathless feeling with my BH contractions too. In labour though, contractions felt totally different and did not interfere with my breathing. Probably because baby was so much lower and I was not trying to *do* anything - like sleep, walk or sit up. (I just knelt on the floor and leaned over the couch.)
My neighbor, who is currently in labor with number three, never feels her BH contractions. She says she is very sensitive to oxytocin and her labors give her plenty of time to get ready for baby.
I did try to fast when DS was nursing and eating solids, but after 2 days, his stool changed to a frothy green as I had stopped making hind/fatty milk. I stopped fasting immediately and his poo improved and my milk was not lost. From this experience, I'd never recommend fasting while nursing as for me, nursing is about the health of the child and my results were not healthy for him. Julia
It is both totally possible and probably what happened. My sister intentionally feed her children only off of one side as she had huge oversupply problems. :This caused the other side to dry up. It is nothing to worry about, unless being lopsided for the duration of your nursing relationship is of major importance....I found that one side on me also dried up before the other side when my DS1 started to wean.
At 18 months, I'd see whichever dr I can get to first. (I'd be afraid of chickening out or changing my mind.) Both should be able to start you on meds and or recommend a therapist or support group.
I think it looks good. Can you make it shorter? A shorter version may be read more...or print each section on a different sheet and post as necessary. Julia
Quote: Originally Posted by justbishop We demand informed consent of any and all procedures and medications to be obtained before they are performed/administered. I'd change this to "We require...." as it is less hostile but still clear. "I do not consent to routine episiotemy. In the unlikely event that this procedure might be beneficial, please explain the options and obtain consent.. " I'd add in that Hot compresses are to be used...
I do not believe them at all. My uber-experienced midwife guessed DS2 to be about 7-8 pounds the day before I had him and she was out by a pound. He was 8 13. No one else would even guess. Bigger babies, from what I have been told are easier to birth as they are softer and have a larger bulk for your uterus to work with. It is the head size and shoulders that make a real difference in vaginal rings of fire.....
They are unnecessary. The Midwives in BC do not do them. Well, I did get one done and that was to check if DS1 was vertex or breech. He was really hard to figure out, I did not want another ultrasound and she was hoping he was low enough to feel a head or butt.
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