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omg. Mdc loaded for me, that's like unheard of!!! We'll be there for sure! I'll be bringing my bff to be my navigator, but it'll just be Reed and I, without the other four! The baby has a visit with bio mom so dh will have him. I can't wait to see everyone!!!!
Reed is most definitely ready...sitting, grabbing at food, swallowing from a sippy well, etc etc. He's obsessed with food. We actually gave him a few bites for a few days of brown rice cereal, and he got realyl crabby. Not sure if it was the teething or what, but I'm holding off for a few weeks at least on the grain. Might start applesauce we made last year in a week or so. He sucks on the end of the bananas I eat like there is no tomorrow.
glad you're talking to them about it. I jumped into this convo late, but I'd have blown a gasket. I would NEVER do that to my children when they have their first, and I'd always ask before sending out a pic of my grandchildren. Simple common courtesy. I don't really see, even if they ARE good people, how exactly one would ever think that was ok.
he wakes up in the middle of the night and smacks his lips so loudly, with his eyes shut, like "where's my boobie?!" lol! he sees his sissies and gets this grin that's just for them. he rolls over and can't figure out how to roll back (so stuck on his tummy) and then just sighs, and looks around like "ok world, let's figure out something else to do." JUST like his daddy! That when he's crabby at 4:30pm, his life is INSTANTLY better once we put his fleece jammies on. He...
I wasn't overly gentle with my kids (haha that sounds terrible!) until my preemie (3rd girl) I treat Reed pretty much the same as the others. HE is the one who is different! I've always heard the boy vs. girl debate and thought it was total B.S. until he was born. OMG. He really really is THAT much different! I think a lot of it has to do more with your experience with babies prior to having your own. I was around babies a lot (nanny for quite a few years, babysat...
they'll outgrow it eventually....(right?) lol, dd2 is almost 4 and still going strong. But hers was a SERIOUS attachment. Dd3 sucks fingers, and isn't that attached at 2. We tried pacis very hard with all kiddos and none would take them at all. Reed has his thumb, but is exploring other combos at the moment. lol
ohhh the protein each time is a great idea lyn! I need to break out my (5lbs) of walnuts for that!
We actually lost a nephew to SIDS. SO I'm pretty well researched on the risk factors. We put Reed to sleep in the pack n' play, but he does wake in the early morning hours to nurse, and we fall asleep in bed together. Things I always make sure of: He is NOT overly warm. We take off the blanket sack he's in before he comes into bed with me. I am wearing layers. So that we do not have to have blankets above my waist, I wear layers. Means dh and I fight over how hot it...
I'm feeling SO unmotivated lately. I'm still doing PT once a week, so that helps, but other exercise has taken a backburner. I'm so tired all the time! And of course my weight has stalled...again. I keep telling myself that it ALWAYS does this around 3-4months, then starts to fall off (has the last three times at least!) but I am just so discouraged! I'm at 154, and want to lose 14, although 11 is back to my pre-preg weight. ugh.
haha, Reed has that hair too! I am losing WAY more this time than I did with the girls. I can't even wear my hair down because it just falls out everywhere. Poor reed wakes up with hair everywhere, including his poo-hole. Poor kid! I actually clogged the shower drain the other day. Looking forward to normal hair again! The crazy thing is that my hair didn't ever get thicker this last pregnancy!
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