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    Me too. considering going back but I'm not sure I can handle the computer time anymore. I want to garden and do other things with my life.
My girls are 13, 8, 6, and 2. and my son is 4.
I'm finding that this year I'm taking it slow. I am clipping from magazines and really *feeling* the process. Now that I have faith in it and know it works, I want to be very clear on my map and visualize exactly what my goals are. I feel like I am behind a bit, but I'm hoping the rainy week ahead will give me time to reflect and catch up a little.
Mine is here, Beyond Autism its a mixture of everything in my life the past decade.
I have had things happening this year before I can even get things glued down on my treasure map. I am in awe this year. Truly. Things feel right.   edited to add that I have started gluing my colored background down, and have images from magazines.. but I'm no where close to being "done" yet.
My kids are getting into TM this year and I'm so excited for it.
Unbelievably things are happening for me before I can even get the images glued down. I'm super excited for this one guys..
Its been awhile since I've written an update on our lives, so I wanted to touch base and let everyone here know whats been going on for us. This forum, and the people here were with me every step of the way for years and I hope you all know just how special you are to me. :) Mods, I realize this could also fit into the unshooing forum but I wanted to reconnect with the special needs parents. :)   We are embarking on a new adventure for all of us. One that we wanted...
Hello! I made a treasure map in 2007 here on mothering and achieved every single thing on that map. It continues to amaze me. Today I pulled it out and went over it with my kiddos and felt the urge to make a new one very strongly. So I decided to check up on this thread to see if its getting to that time again.   Decluttered in a MAJOR way the past few months, and its always on-going. I finally am decluttering myself from the local school district and by the end of this...
New Posts  All Forums: