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whoops! n/m this, tried to edit and quoted instead.
Going through it now with my almost 2yo. Sort of. He still loves to be read to, but oftentimes, he'll just get up and pick a new book while we're reading to him and start looking at it alone. So we'll ask him if he wants to read to us instead, which he loves! And then we have conversations about the book he picked out.   Kids go through phases... everything ebbs and flows. I'd just follow her lead while still taking time out to try to read to her. I'm sure she'll go...
Moominmamma, you are absolutely right!!! I totally need to remember that everything is so new to him that it is ALL amazing and stimulating right now!! I guess I'm just  way too used to the "I'm booooored" moments from my 11year old!
 I've always been attracted to the Waldorf-y kind of stuff, but I am finding that the Montessori activities are definitely more engaging to my little one, so I've been checking out a lot of information about that. There are some good facebook groups that offer great activity ideas for the preschool age kids.
 I definitely agree about the difference between pushing and providing. It's just that it's sooo different from my previous experience that I'm kind of clueless about HOW much more should I be offering, beyond what I would normally be introducing. But then again, I haven't really introduced anything that he's picked up so far, so I guess that should be my answer?  Space- Most of what he's learned has come from books. We read A LOT. My Oldest is 11 so we have a lot of books...
I have even contemplated preschool to offer him something new, but as a homeschooler, it seems really odd for me... My husband doesn't love the idea, either :/ Eta: Oh, and I'm basically broke! lol If I had more $$$ I'd have ALL sorts of wonderfully enriching ideas! haha
Oh wow, I was *just* coming here to introduce myself and pretty much make this same post!     I've hesitated posting here at all, because my little one is still so, well, little! Only 2 next month, so I try not to overthink things and I despise labels, but it's clear that he is not the norm and his development, which I thought would probably end up rounding out, is only getting more accelerated as he gets older. I'm finding myself avoiding talking about him to others...
Almost everyone I know leaves it on 24/7... I personally don't feel comfortable with it, though, so I don't leave it on.
Eeeek! First off, new Dr!  His "ignore it and wait to see" approach is scary when you're clearly already having problems!   Your symptoms definitely sound like retained tissue. I had the same ones when I had retained placenta 2 weeks after a 17 week loss & delivery. I ended up bleeding out a ton and ended up in the e.r. and needed a d&c. Also, after the d&c my milk came in!   6 months sounds crazy, but I googled it, and found several posts of woman having...
Not until they're old enough to want them and ask.  
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