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My oldest gets heat rash on his ears!
And honestly, if the tea tree oil isn't working quick, I'd want antibiotics. TTO is my #1 go to with minor infections and I've always had good luck getting them cleared up pretty much overnight! But I wouldn't want to wait too long.
I wouldn't worry about the antibiotics, honestly. The benefits outweigh the risks for something like this. I avoid meds as much as possible but I would not hesitate to take them in this situation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Like a PP said, if it gets bad and you end up needing to be admitted for IV antibiotics, that's going to be MUCH costlier than a trip to an urgent care center and antibiotics. Walmart has a whole list of 3 dollar prescriptions,...
Definitely concerning that the area is getting bigger. Do you have a Dr. you can get in to see soon? Or a quick care center? Sounds like maybe antibiotics would be good at this point. I mean, there are some natural treatments for staph, but if that's what it is and it's been going on for this long now, and spreading, I'd be worried about it causing a blood infection. No good!   Btw- Do you have poisonous spiders where you are?  
Sounds like it might be staph. Try googling "staph pimple" and see if anything matches...  
I know peppermint oil can reduce supply, but is that just an internal thing? I've found that a couple of drops of peppermint oil on my forehead and temples stops a headache fast for me and would like to keep on using it! I can only really find into about eating peppermint while nursing, though.
Trust your gut. Always. BIG yes to everything A&A said.  
  Shouldn't we all be exhibiting the same/similar symptoms all the time then? (not trying to be argumentative, btw, I find this interesting and I'm open to learning new things!)   I do think colds (whatever they are caused by) are a positive (albeit annoying!) thing, for the detox purposes! It's good to purge that crap from time to time!
Just remembered this thread! Hubby came down with a cold this week, and my throat is just now getting scratchy. Oh how I wish they weren't contagious!
Not saying it isn't true for some, but it doesn't really line up my own experience. I'm no stranger to junk food but I've never gotten ill after overindulging, and neither have my kids (though the baby doesn't really overindulge.. just a treat every now and then, his birthday cake, etc. The only time we get colds here (about once, maybe twice a year) is if someone is lazy about washing hands after being out in crowded areas...     & I think a huge reason more...
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