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Thanks for sharing the great information! I've never heard of this before!!!
I think spinning like that would be fun for a while but would eventually wear off. Thinking about this reminded me that DH's younger brother used to throw himself down the basement stairs for fun. Yeah I'm not kidding! No wonder he's so weird!!!! It's good to have some insight into possible reasons she could be spinning, it's something to think about if it becomes worrisome. Maybe it's just really fun for her. Some people like rollercoasters that zoom up,...
I practiced charting before I was married to prepare. I think charting to track things would help your daughter get more in tune with her body and give her a better understanding of herself and her cycle.
What I've been doing with Hope is giving her specific things to say. For example: "Don't hit me." "I don't like that." "That hurt me. Stop!" "Hands off!" "You are not allowed to hit me." Also I let her know that she can choose to play with someone if she wants to but she doesn't have to. I tell her that she can say 'No' to the child who hurts her. Hopefully that will teach them that hurting others doesn't pay!
Sounds like a great book! I'll have to look for a copy!!!
What a superb thread!!!! I have lots of reading to do!!! :
I don't think anyone will think you're a bad mother if your child swears a few times. I think it would become a problem if your child swore all the time. What's important is that you're making an effort to curb it. I think we've all had our stressful moments where we just lose it and "*&%#$@#~!" comes out of our mouth before we realize who is in earshot. And of course they pick it up and will use it until instructed otherwise. After I lose it and swear, I...
I wonder how many people on MDC actually make Easter baskets. We have never really bothered. DH isn't very big on holidays and as an adult Easter just seem like another excuse for the store to sell us chocolates and candies neither of which we really need. Perhaps you could find activity books, puzzles, storybooks and card games that are related to Spring and/or Easter.
I was honestly shocked to hear two moms of kindergarten aged children saying that they laid out their daughter's choices of clothing and would not allow them to go to school in clothes that did not match. Hope wears whatever colours she feels like wearing on any given day whether the clothes are all the same colour or many colours. I'd rather give the chance to experiment with fashion, colour and style. This way she's making her very own fashion statement! ...
Yes I agree the leaf blower is the ultimate in stupidity. Whenever I see some guy using one (it's always a guy) I imagine him thinking what a cool new toy he has.
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