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Please try putting a splash of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water. It's very pleasant tasting and similar to carbonationg. It saved my life my last pregnancy, otherwise I couldn't stomach water. People used to do it all the time in the olden days because it was easier than waiting for a beverage to ferment, in fact carbonated beverages and soda are a spin-off on natural fermented bubbly brews. Also try kombucha, you can buy it at health food stores. it's one of...
I did not walk today! I just got back in town. I plan to kick off walking tomorrow by dragging dh with me!
You Are Your CHild's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy changed my life. Rahima used to be a midwife and Waldorf teacher and is always a feminist. SHe clearly and empathetically addresses the difficulty in going from career to bored with nothing but puzzles and housework to do SAHM. There is great insight into the developmental stages of children, how to get a rhythm going in your household, and how important it is for children to have both free-play AND...
THankyou ladies!
WHoa HELLO! Sorry everyone, I went out of town. I'm so glad there's such an interest! Ideally, I want to walk to the city pool everyday (1.5 miles away). It's hot. My biggest hurdle is my girls! I can push the baby in a stroller just fine, but my 5 year old is a first class whiner about heat, sun, walking etc. SHe also can't walk very fast. I've thought about pulling both of them in the wagon....but this kills my back. I think I'll have her ride her bike...
I keep my potatoes on the counter in a cardboard box, not because I need them out of kids' reach but because we go through them so fast! Maybe there is somewhere else you can put the potatoes? I've had to put apples out of reach for the same reason! But I serve sliced apples way more often and when they are asked for to make up for it.
I never did childproof ours with my oldest. By the time she was old enough to reach them (which was well after she'd been walking) she could understand verbal directions not to touch them. She wasn't even curious about them at all. But some babies are very curious!
THanks everyone! Yeah, when she sees blood and asks about it, I'll tell her. I didn't think that her wondering what the little white thing in my hand was was enough for me to start explaining the things she couldn't see yet. I think if I used cloth pads we would have probably had the discussion already! FOr those of you who would have been mortified by a ceremony, my point is that I want us to be very open about it in the first place so that embarrassment will be the...
I usually just whip it up plain, but sometimes I like to mix some cocoa and honey in it, depending what it's for. Cocoa and honey mixed in cream cheese is my favorite on brownies!!! Yum. Bye! GOtta go whip up some cream!
After having my first child with a man who did not value the SAHM, there was no way I would ever get married to someone with the same view. DH and I feel strongly that a child is given the best possible upbringing when mom is at home with them.
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