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If you grow vegis, grow the marigolds around them. They help keep bugs away. You can eat the petals of lemon gem.
I thought this was funny. My nursing 22 month old dd always wants to have not one but TWO sippy cups with her, full of water or juice. Finally one day I asked "Why two?" And she pointed to my breasts and said "Two boobies, two cups."
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna You'll notice that when questioned, the OP says that her problem is not with nursing to sleep in general. Babies and toddlers have needs and those needs come before wants of the mom. Just life. -Angela Angela that is your opinion and I respect it. But this approach doesn't work for everyone. It's not always about the child's needs vs. the mom's "wants". In my case, my dd wants to nurse at night, but she...
caedmyn your dd sounds so much like mine!! Mine is 23 mos now. She also has no interest in cuddling when she really wants to nurse. I usually nurse her briefly and give her a warning when it's almost time to stop (I usually say "Just a little bit more" and she says "OK") and then I am firm about stopping. She has come to know the drill. She might cry a bit or a lot. Sometimes she asks for Daddy which is great! Or I ask him to take her anyway. He is great at getting her to...
It puzzles me that every time a mom posts on here about loathing nursing or really being truly bothered by it, she is pressured to do it anyway (often saying the child is still "so young"). Babies/kids can sense when their mom is not happy nursing them and that creates negative feelings. It is perfectly reasonable for the mom to take the lead and trust her feelings that she is not happy nursing her toddler to sleep - and find another way to get her to sleep. The question...
I hear ya. I often feel the same way. Can your husband or partner get her to sleep? That works great for us. During the daytime I sometimes use the car. Also we use the gym ball - I hold her and sit on the gym ball and bounce her. She gets made at first and then calms down and falls asleep. Takes awhile sometimes.
I don't know either, this sounds familiar (though mine is 2yo) but I was thinking that calcium is good for sleep so maybe it would help to have some before bed. There is a great product called A to B Calm that is a calcium/mag powder, very absorbable, you can mix a little into some chamomile tea at night and it is very calming and sleep promoting. It did wonders for my insomnia during pregnancy. Maybe it would help your little one. Come to think of it I'm going to try it...
I have some primroses I planted in a flower box that gets only a little sun, mostly shade. But this plant is supposed to be shade tolerant. The plants are looking rather sad. I do water them regularly. The leaves look pretty hearty but the flowers look brown and dingy. Any ideas?
My rosemary turned brown presumably because I neglected it for quite awhile. I recently pruned it WAY back and began watering it more deeply and regularly and it is starting to do better. I was thinking about fertilizing it with some fish emulsion but not sure if that is good for rosemary. (?)
Now that all the ladybugs are out I can't get my 2yo dd to stop squishing them. She likes them and gets very excited to look for them and then pick them up. But when they start crawling on her she gets freaked out and squishes them and then says "Yuck". Poor ladybugs!
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