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This is a great thread! I can't think of anything novel right now but an amen to all of the above--especially about selecting clothing. Even after 15 months, I still choose an outfit entirely upon BFing friendliness!
Harmony, I hope that you get some good news soon.   I apologize to all of the mamas on this thread for not "keeping up". Homeschooling has kept me offline except for the essentials. :(   Anyway, I've been sort of waiting to TTC, I think we are officially TTC but I haven't had an AF yet.   Here's the deal: I have had preggers symptoms the last few days. OK, I've been through this before, I "know" by body could just be "gearing up" for the 1st PP AF, and I have...
Thank you for the great info. Do you or anyone else have an opinion about which is better--the nautilus, the Argos or the fronteir, apart from price? Thanks!
Our family was in an accident over the weekend and we need to replace our car seats (3). Our objective is to replace them, meaning, get the best equivalent that we can. However, it might be more prudent to purchase a slightly different kind than we have now based on the kid's ages and current sizes.   Our oldest is using a Graco booster, she's 52" tall and 8yrs. The middle child weighs about 38lbs, is 39" tall and is using a Graco My Ride 65 FF. The baby (1yr+) is...
Hi Mamas   Just saying "hello" as I am also prayerfully preparing to TTC.   Our youngest is just shy of 12 months, so I am doing a gentle liver cleanse right now for a few months and then we'll go from there.   Selissa, I am sorry that you experienced a miscarriage. Hugs!   I hope this prep time for all of you is peaceful.
Momma Michael~ Just want to say that your post was so encouraging to me! Thanks for sharing. It took so long (2+ years with herbal protocols) to get AF back with my other two LO's. It's nice to think that maybe with DS2 it could be different.:)
wow! i would have loved to have known about you a year ago! :)   what part of baja are you in?   nak  
Hi Mama~   How interesting to find that you had a great experience in Guatemala City. Are you still there?
Hi Mamas! I'm bumping up our thread in hopes of having a little more action on this thread. I haven't been very active myself on MDC recently. Life with 3 little ones now is crazy. So, for now--- Christ is Born! I hope that you all had a wonderful Holy Week and Pascha.
I'm a mama to 3. I'm exclusively BFing DS2 (9mo). I am not ready to start TTCing but hope to be within the next 3-6 months. Right now I'm sleep-deprived and certainly don't expect to see AF for a while. But I would like to start thinking about it---and MDC has been a great place to do that in the past.:) Can I join in the Waiting to Be Ready?
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