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I checked with DH b/c he did the mailing and he said put a Priority Mail mailer in the envelope. Do you think it would take this long to reach the West Coast?   Just checked the PO yesterday but maybe today.....
Prenatal Coach & Redbird---------I LOVE your photos! You both look just beautiful.
Oh My! Those comments!   Yes, I really don't like the "looks like you are going to pop!" comments. Such bad manners!   However, I'm feeling OK with no baby yet as DH has big meetings this week, DD has exams that she says she wants to finish before her brother comes (LOL-she's 7) and I'm hoping my whole birth team will be well (one is struggling with a cold). So, hoping he'll wait until at least Friday! I'm 37.3 weeks and counting and MW says this weekend looks...
THIS is so true   I went on my usual early AM walk today and DH asked me if everything was OK. Then he said he was worried something might "happen" to me while I'm walking in our neighborhood! I told him that I wouldn't have the baby in the street, if that is what he was worried about. :)   And yes, I told DH your story Broody and he had the look of terror, too!
Just have to post again b/c she is just so so beautiful! Happy happy baby moon.
Can't wait to hear the big news!
CONGRATULATIONS, Broody!!!!!!!!!!!   She is absolutely beautiful!   What a labor---so short!   Blessings your way and much rest for a hard working mama and a sweet baby.
I went to get checked today by a local MW who is working on my ligaments. No belly bruise, but she said I hurt my foot which threw out my ankle and knee (already sore!) and it really affected the nerves all up my leg to my pelvic area. So glad I went in b/c I feel much better now and hopefully the soreness will fade over the next day or so.   I'm really feeling a change today and think DS#2 is coming soon!
peribottles----i finally bought one online from a homebirth supply site. yesterday i picked up a bottle at a salon that could double as a peribottle--it is a squeeze bottle that has a long, slanted tip, and very inexpensive!   this time i'm going to take arnica internally after the birth. 200C 1x, then 30C every few hours following for several days. i'll be combining this with 2 other homeopathics, and hoping that it will really help!   the frozen pads didn't...
OK! Thank you for that input, very helpful!   Just some BH's afterward but felt my little one move a few times so far since then--normal for this time of day. No bleeding at this point. Just one very sore knee!   So much going on, being overtired and toys on the floor are not a good combination when 10 months pregnant!
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