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Last night after everyone went to bed and I was changing DS's diaper, he smiled! Sooo adorable and of course we've been trying to get him to repeat it to no avail today.:) He's one month today---boy how time flies!!
my pp period didn't really come back until 2.5yrs pp with DD & DS1--and with both i started taking special herbal supps and doing dietary changes to jump-start things...thus quite a spell spent in the ttc forum. :)
that is super helpful info about legs going out--thanks!   has anyone worn their lo on their back in a wrap yet?   i'd like to do this but i'm nervous!
iowaorganic--love that idea about the little light! i'm trying out a book light clipped to our currently-unused cosleeper (heehee) and i switch it on whenever ds has a tough time latching on. what a great alternative to the brighter light i was keeping on all night long for this very purpose!
at 3wks pp it started to hit me and today i am really feeling t-i-r-e-d!   days 1-15 were spent lying-in. ds is still sleeping good stretches at night, and co-sleeping so i'm partially waking to nurse & fully waking for a change or two during the night.   i've been getting one nap a day--sometimes it is 20min and others 1hr. so i guess i'm thinking that i shouldn't be so tired but i know that it is valid w/interuppted sleep and all of the pp...
Has anyone's LO lost their hair yet?   DS's hair loss has slowed, but it is still receding a bit. I'm really curious as to what it will look like when it grows back!
Yes, DS has baby acne, too--mostly on the fact and upper chest: the areas that contact with my skin and spit-up and breastmilk. I think I'll start wiping him off like redbird, a little more frequently than I am now. Also, about the witchhazel--is the drugstore version OK for babie's face? I'm also wondering about Calendula Hydrosal...from MRH...we use it for lots of things!
hi mamas:) hope you all are enjoying your weekend!   i am wearing DS2 almost all day long. my go-to carry/carrier is the newborn hug hold in a stretchy wrap. he loves it! when i'm in the shower or otherwise unable to carry, which isn't much, i give put him in the baby lounger right in the bathroom with me, etc. also, dd loves to hold him, and i actually cleaned out the fridge the other day while she did that in the next room!   i'm really enjoying the stretchy...
DS2 has a peeling scalp & just lost a bunch of hair in the last 3 days--he looks bald in front! Now, I had this w/ my last two but this seems more sudden and he seemed to have a more even thatch of hair. Don't know why I'm surprised!   Do any of you remember when the hair grows back?   He is Adorable either way, though!
congratulations!! he's so handsome!
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