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thanks for checking back. :)   I've been using Burt's Bee's diaper cream--which has proven to be a very effective barrier short-term. His rash has improved, but not gone away.   I'd like to try the fleece liners. Would it work to just cut up a fleece blanket I have at home? I'm kind of wondering about the dyes used in the fleece, etc. and there won't be an absorbent center...but just to see if it will work?   Really hoping that food allergies/sensitivities...
Awww...so cute! Congrats!
So so happy for you that you have a beautiful baby----at last!!
just lovely! congrats again!  
so happy for you! what a beautiful story.  
i've been wondering the same thing, butterflymama. thanks for asking the question!
Not sure where to start. DS2 is nursing beautifully--and I am on a normal mostly organic diet. However, in the last few days he has developed a little diaper rash (red and bumpy). His poop is yellow with some green. He is spitting up but not an unusual amount.   DD and DS1 dealt with food allergies and sensitivities but they seem to have outgrown most of them. We have gone through this already, so I'm a little more aware this time.   DS1 had a respiratory...
MAMA, I am so so sorry that you have to go through this. Saying a prayer for you right now. Hugs to you and your little ones!  
thankfully, everything seems to be going really well!   once i figured out DS's nursing style and remembered some tricks from DS1's newborn stage it helped a great deal. also, getting past the engorgement stage and almost-mastitis---what a relief!   DS2 is a sleeper and is not bothered by wet/poopy diapers so I have to work to wake him. he sleeps stretches at night, too. However, he has alot of wet and poopy diapers and is really filling out (he's not quite 2...
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