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A small miracle has happened- after six weeks of not having one hand free, let alone two, I got some time to spin, and to finish off a hat for myself- so I'm on 3 projects down, 49 to go
Popping in. It's not going well here. The prozac is working well for the PPD and I'm happy enough: I'm just recognising that yes, I have actually got my hands full. Too full? In a nutshell, I got a phone call from school on Wednesday telling me they thought Alex had a BO problem and why haven't I made him do his handwriting practice. My answer? "What handwriting?" It turns out there's a lot that he's conveniently forgotten to mention. Isaac has decided that he hates...
This is why baby starts the night in the moses basket. Not that I actually stay awake long enough for sex, but if I did, that would be when/where. Or the shower.
Clare, take a look at the gauze wraps (calin bleu often sell them cheap on ebayUK). I have a BBW, which coped with River as a newborn in the days when my FIL would turn the heat up to 27 degrees. OP, keep the ergo for a few months until baby grows into it. I love my babyhawk, but one of its weaknesses is the length of the straps- if it's raining outside, it's hard to tie without getting the ends wet when jumping out of the car to go to xyz place. Soft structured...
I will have one or two drinks with no pumping or dumping involved, but generally not when I'm actually having to use my brain to care for the child or children involved.
I've only just seen this- I'm so, so sorry. : for you and all your family.
Ear piercing, either get it done before she's too young to find her ears with her hands or leave it until she can do the cleaning herself and understands what she's getting herself into. (Disclaimer, my dd's ears are unpierced.) And as far as hair goes: only one of my children was totally bald at birth; the girl. She stayed that way for a good couple of years, too. Nature's full of tricksy surprises like that, so I developed a girl's shoe fetish to compensate.
Quote: Originally Posted by sewchris2642 For us, it was the personality of the child that made it hard, not their postion in the family. Angela, our 3rd, was easy to add into the family dynamics. It was Erica, our 2nd, that was hard. Erica is the reason why there is 4 years between her and Angela but only 2.5 years between Joy and Erica. Dylan also upset the dynamics. MOre because of his personality, than the age span. If we had had Erica first,...
Knitters Almanac. by Zimmerman, is probably the only knitting book I own that I read for fun. I also love Jaeger 29, by Martin Storey, but I think it's out of print now. There's a lot of cute baby patterns in there.
I'm sorry if I'm missing something, but I don't see the slightest problem in any of this. Running the figures you gave through a BMI calculator gives a BMI of 24.5 (at your heavy "now") which is at the top end of the healthy range- but, crucially, still within a healthy range. You're eating well, sensibly, to your hunger levels and making good food choices. You're breastfeeding and you had a baby recently. None of this sounds in the slightest bit abnormal or wrong,...
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