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Oh hell, I've got them ready to post to you and then I got snowed in. I'm off to the post office in the morning. : Sorry.
Erm, my son still fits in his bucket by weight and height and he's 2 on Sunday. Not starved either. (It's a maxi-cosi, the weight limit is 13kg.) I wouldn't use that as your yardstick for FTT, or the fact that she can still wear 6-12 month clothes either. I'd try and manipulate some way of checking in with her mom. It sounds like there's maybe some exaggeration going on (I can see a grandma interpreting baby-led weaning as "refuses to feed him"), maybe some PPD, maybe...
I'm having the same dilemma, Mary. Lying down is winning so far. Names:Helen and Samson Age:5 weeks tomorrow Milestones: Smiling and making indefinable noises- more or less a coo. He's lost that newborn cry and doesn't sound like my little lion cub any more, has uncurled and stretched out and is growing into a proper little boy already : We're also having a couple of periods of wakefulness a day, as opposed to sleep/eat/sleep/eat/sleep Thoughts: I'm still not doing...
My gut instinct was to say thrush. Be careful with a long course of anti-fungals, as one of them (fluconazole, I think) can cause a temporary decrease in milk supply. If it comes to it, it is possible to breastfeed successfully with one breast. I mention this as a last resort- because if baby has thrush, even if there's no symptoms, then the other breast can get affected too- but it's worth considering.
I would not go further into a relationship with this man unless he talks to you about it, talks about counselling, uses regret. I don't think it's something that was made up and I don't think it's a lie. It doesn't mean he'll necessarily abuse you- my ex learnt from our relationship and his new relationship is a very sane and healthy one, from what I know, but this is rare and unusual. Seriously, do not surrender control of your life, the ability to live apart from...
For next time, squirt breastmilk up her nose. Cheaper than saline drops and more effective Sorry about the thrush
Excellent, another fifth baby! crittersmom. I'm here if you want to vent- Samson came as a heck of a shock, too. Sam, we're surviving. A few good days, a few bad days. He's wishing his life away- holding his head up well and making gooey noises already : Why can't they just stay babies?
Sarah. I'm reading, not getting much time to post but thinking of you all.
Am I the only person at 1 down, not enough hours in the day? I know I have a newborn, I knew I was going to be doing most of my crafting later in the year, but ... but.... WAHHHHH! OK, I feel better now.
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