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It is a small world, but I don't think I'm one of them. The same people, places and faces do seem to keep cropping up.
Oh Pixie Keep talking, we'll keep listening.
It's possible to felt in a frontloader, and by hand. (Technically you're talking about fulling here, not felting. ) For your bag, I'd make a good thick bit of felt, puncture holes at regular intervals all the way around and use a crochet seam to attach your knitting to the felt. If your hat fits well, it isn't going to need to be tied on. If you felt it to the right size, trying it on all the time, and then either improvise a last or wear it while it dries, it'll be...
I use coconut oil as an intensive treatment on mine, and I'd think it might be moisturising enough to condition his and see what you've got. Put it on in the morning in the back, wash it out in the evening. Otherwise I think you're looking at scissors.
New crocheter: couldn't you work that pattern but add an extra stitch to your turning chains to accommodate the DC?
Pixie, I'm so glad. AM, have you considered superglue?
Oh Pixie. I'll keep praying for her. :
Pixie, I'm praying for you and little miss CottonBall.
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