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elanorh, you can dye towels. I know you know this already, but I figured it would be worth pointing out.
http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Frey...-nach-lavendel is one of my favourite pairs of socks handpainted after knitting. Use the same techniques you would when dyeing any piece of fabric- wool is wool is wool, after all. ETA... there's two basic ways of doing this. If you're set on knitting after dyeing wind the fishermans wool into a very long skein and handpaint it. Count the number of wraps in the skein. Wind up half the total number of wraps, cut the yarn, wind the...
Nope. Alex loved art galleries when he was a baby. He got to watch people and snuggle up in the carrier and it was all good Here. Not doing too well emotionally- having been snowed in for most of the last two weeks have taken their toll here. I saw the doctor today and he's prescribed prozac. Sam is cute, yummy, growing out of all of his clothes, etc, etc. We're pretty lucky with him actually- when we're all on routine, he's sleeping well at night (6-8 hours), not...
She posted an update on her FB this morning- apparently she's on the 50th centile for both weight and height. I'm guessing she meant Leo?
Also, try a small ad in your local paper ( a lot of them are free these days) and, as previously mentioned, the NCT nearly-new sales to get shot of baby stuff.
You can also try www.ebay.de (German ebay) who tend to have some good deals on Didymos.
I'm so sorry, Harleyhalfmoon. is all I've got- but yes, I think you're family to that little girl.
Sorry, I still owe you answers. 1) no. 2) No, but you will need to have enough money to live off. Have you got your visa application in yet? 4) There's a pretty good public transport system. 5) Frontloaders rock. Better in terms of water efficiency, good in terms of energy efficiency, and none of this crap of wash "routines". Put it in, turn the dial to 30 degrees (40 for nappies, 15 for darks) and away you go. I love Edinburgh, but it's not the most...
Fleece snowsuit. It has a penguin print and fold-over hands and feet and this preposterously big pompom on the top (which is, with all seriousness, about the same size as Sam's face) and is just the cutest thing ever. I want one.
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