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Lovely names I seem to have swapped babies with someone. Sam's been sleeping peacefully for an hour now. It's 7.30pm. WTH?
Today went better. I reached breaking point, told my family I was taking the day off, sat on the sofa and cuddled the baby- and horrible as it sounds, I don't think I've really spent as much time with him in my arms at any point as I did today. I think we're friends : He slept better like that this morning and napped for a couple of hours snuggled up with me, and I don't feel quite as helpless as I did. Maybe everything is going to be OK?
Yup, my mum's snowed in too- she's up in the north-east. Tescos have been pretty good round here though- they're fully stocked with everything except salt and getting daily deliveries of milk and bread as normal.
Well, I got DD's top finished, so that's one down. I've literally just seconds ago cast on for a hat for me, because it's freezing here and I haven't got one that goes with my new winter coat.
I think a certain vulnerability to STDs also occurs because you have a foreign body deliberately causing irritation to prevent pregnancy. To be clear, I would use it again, but the paragard would not be my first choice for anyone with any history of any metal allergies, just in case. Having tried both, mirena was infinitely preferable. I have a history of adverse reactions to synthetic hormones too, and I did well with the localised progesterone.
Wow, congratulations!
I was going to come and suggest Lucy too. She lives about 30 miles south from where I grew up, and I read her for the scenery pictures as well as the crochet.
I've had both kinds. The only side-effects I had with mirena was extreme vaginal dryness and a tendency to thrush. The copper one was pretty grim, though. I had it inserted as emergency contraception after a whoops, first period wasn't too bad but the second was horrific: soaking two and three pads an hour for two days kind of horrific. Eventually it removed itself, sideways, and in addition to not bleeding so badly, I also felt much better and more clear-headed in...
Congratulations! Hope everything goes well with the LC today.
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