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When you talk to a lawyer, ask about your DH's legal right to contact with his stepchildren in the event of your death, and your youngest child's legal right to contact with his brothers. You may not be able to keep them under the same roof, but that would be enough to keep them not-strangers (and plenty of blended families are glued together with EOW arrangements.)
www.relaxkids.com has some nice guided visualisations. Some of their tracks are available on itunes, too.
We're done. DH's appointment is the 19th February. As far as spacing goes, 2 years has been great for us, but having a newborn, a rambunctious 2yo boy and a verbal and vocal 4yo girl is really tough. It was much easier having two, two years apart and then a bigger gap and then another two, two years apart.
Thanks I think I believe you. AM, theoretically I have help because we're snowed in and so DH is off work. Mum's back up north, and whilst she'll come down if I need her, I can't ask unless we really, REALLY need her. Well, to be honest, the weather the way it is I just can't ask, really, because everyone is stuck.
Quote: Originally Posted by iowaorganic Here is my goal for today. I bought a wool coat awhile ago at Goodwill and while it is seriously awesome- the sleeves are much too short for me. I ripped the sleeve hem out last night and I need to be creative and figure out how to make them even longer that that. Mmmmm and buttons. Why would you put brown buttons on a gray coat anyway? I have a large stash of random buttons and am considering mismatched black...
Absolutely. 2009 was my year of knitting only for someone who really appreciated it: which was mostly me. It wasn't a productive year, true, but it was fun.
Grand multip, 40+ 5.
IH, I'm having full-blown migraines- I don't remember getting them PP before, but it sucks. I have a doctors appointment next week to check me over and make sure it is a migraine and not Certain Doom. And yup, we're babywearing in the evening and he still chooses to scream at me. I think some babies are just allergic to siblings, and it's not the kind of thing you can do an elimination diet for It's the hour after the school run when we get crankiness, which is also...
Congratulations! How are you feeling?
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