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Sam- and congratulations. Alex ignored Isaac for Isaac's first week of life- and me too. He came around. I'm starting to wonder if I've made the most awful mistake imaginable. Sam is a typical newborn. Needs a lot of time in arms, cuddles, cluster feeds, etc. etc. There is a degree of screaming going on, and he's kept me continually awake from 4 onwards the last few nights. Problem is that River is a typical almost 2yo, is obviously pretty annoyed at the fact that...
Barbie Girl : And anything by Barney the evil purple dinosaur.
NOOO!!!! Mustn't do housework! There's snowmen to be built!
Honestly, I'd consider just deleting them and taking them out if it's bugging you. The size of a baby is not a huge deal, you know? I'm shocked at your midwife, though- over here if there's two midwives present, they doublecheck the reading on the scale.
QTS= qualified teacher status. State schools can employ unqualified teachers, but the pay is pretty bad.
Not liking this. We have cratery footprints that River can't step over just outside the door and the road looks like an ice rink.
I hate passing placentas. I think it's a disgusting feeling, all soggy and squishy. I tend to get a big clot come out, which gets my hopes up- and then I realise the big ick is yet to come. Last time round, for various reasons I ended up sitting on top of a mountain of clots waiting for the midwife to come and rescue me, which was just One Big Ick. Natural or managed third stage doesn't make a difference to me, fwiw.
Mary, would it help if I told you that I want to (insert unmentionable thing that shouldn't be done to children) Skye too because she's driving me nuts? It's four. I miss my snuggly girl so much, and all I get is backchat and attitude. IH, where are the FB's leaking? At the back or the legs? If it's the legs, there's no hope for you until he grows a bit, if it's the back then I'm sure there's hope. I might try using them as lightly-padded wraps with a piece of terry...
Good luck! And here's hoping that YOUR midwives actually make it to you.
Based on what doclegs was saying about her experiences with the retained membrane, hon, I'd just get in the car and drive straight to hospital. Do not pass go, do not collect £200. It may be a variation of normal, but there's enough risks attached that I can't see any good reason not to ask for help, especially as you said you cut the placenta.
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