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I'd bite the cost of the phone call and ring the Teachers Development Agency (www.tda.gov.uk) for advice on whether your qualification would give you QTS over here. Calpurnia's right that you're probably looking at an independent school or possibly a former grammar- I did my a-levels at a school that still teaches Latin, even now.
Thank goodness. I was feeling guilty about having not done your sums for you yet :
17 minutes to answer. Now THAT's what I call efficiency.:
For me, it depends on the yarn how it behaves- most of the time it shrinks, but my first project, I got gauge perfectly with fingering weight yarn and 4mm (size 6, I think) needles. As it was a baby cardigan, I seamed it, washed it, and by that point it was fit for nothing but catching fish in I'm going to hazard a guess that on your size 7's, a blocked swatch is going to be almost exactly right, especially once you're knitting in the round.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kivgaen I don't know that I am... maybe that's my problem That's my sticking point- and the reason I asked. I started doing Chore Wars so a disembodied computer program could give me the acknowledgement my family didn't.
Sara, keep your phone handy and try and video the episode, if you can. BBL with an update!
Good luck!
I'm not a big fan of bath before bed. It seems to make my kids more excited, not less.
Are you actually ready to live in a tidy house? Are you ready to let go of the idea that your DP should do 50% of the housework (which he should) and do it all yourself without resentment or divorce, because having a nice house is more important to you than the idea that if he won't do it, you shouldn't either? If so, I suggest that you go and clean the toilet, then declutter your bathroom (s) and clean the handbasin and bathtub. Tomorrow, I suggest you clean the...
The ridiculous thing is that the blockage is on the chest side of that boob, where his chin normally points when he's latched on when eating anyhow. Ridiculous as this may sound, I'm wondering if it was actually caused by wearing a bra that's too big, too baggy and lets my boobs get all saggy- and if the compression could be enough to cause a blockage? It's really weird, whatever it is- or was. And I'm pretty sure it's unblocked again, though everything feels very bruised...
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