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Cheryl, my cousin had some kind of infrared or vitamin D treatment because her teeth were coming through funny- I think she was late to teeth and they were coming through, going back, coming through, going back. From what I remember that's more of a problem than just not moving. My life stinks. My babies are 300 miles away with their dad and their stepmum has swine flu. And the baby in my belly is just the wrong side of viability. Don't know what to do.
Linda- congratulations on the new bean and a big to Charlie and Harrison. Rynna, I was thinking- is there any possibility that the pretzel had one of his pre-existing allergies in it? Egg, maybe? I know it's used as a glaze in baking over here sometimes. We went for the clunker. Finance on a brand new van would wipe out all of our disposable income even over four years, and it's just not worth it for the stress that lack of money can put a family under. The goal...
You didn't tell US you were having twins Congratulations! Sorry Mrs Surplus, I think that's par for the course. Telling my boys about the newbie turned into a discussion about contraception and abortion because they wanted to know what could be done to stop having babies : Orangefoot, my understanding is that parents are not allowed to have sex. Younger siblings must only come from the stork. Or something.
I've chipped stone (particularly malachite) before, and it's brittle enough that I wouldn't be comfortable buying one with the intention of baby mouthing it.
I'd contact the police with an allegation of harassment. Is there an offence of "wasting police time" over there?
If you play classical violin, you can also be a fiddler. Some of the most exciting folk music around over here at least is coming from classically trained musicians who are using their background, the traditional folk harmonies and adding some modern elements to it. At that age, I'd look at suzuki method classes first and foremost. The emphasis is on learning by ear, rather than reading music, so she can go either way as she grows.
Lucky AJ. The only reason River talks is because he needs to be able to tell tales on his siblings : Steve is looking at a shiny new car now- a Fiat Ulysses off ebay, but they've been offered a good trade-in price by a dealer so we're hoping that it's a good runner. I'm in two minds here- the government is running a scrappage scheme where we can trade in our non-runner and get at least £1000 off a new car, depending on the manufacturer up to £7000. BUT we'd need credit...
Sounds promising, then. I'm really hoping...it's getting used for commuting (Cirencester to Swindon and back several times a week) at the moment as well as schoolruns, has done long drives no hassle. PLEASE let this work :
I like the very small print (6,500 off a new Sharan), don't like the concept of debt. The mortgage is sucking our soul to start with We're looking at a Fiat Ulysse off ebay to get us through the next few months- it's newer than the Sharan, has FSH, slidy doors and so on. They've been offered £900 in part exchange, but would be happier with cash.
It's from SpinOff. http://spinoffmagazine.com/media/p/145.aspx
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