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And so many accomplished authors and professional bloggers have contributed almost freely.  I'm just astounded at the goodies.  Car seat safety, parenting tips, chakra meditations, nutrition resources, herbal recipes... Really, the amateur and the practitioner alike will have a LOT of reading to do with this bundle.
Pat Robinson (http://heal-thyself.ning.com/) and Amanda Rose (http://Traditional-Foods.com/) have put together an enormous Health Library with ebooks (in pdf format), videos, audio files.   The bundle includes a vast array of resources: herbal materials (including Todd Caldecott, Henrietta Kress, Rosalie de la Foret), DIY recipes for home products, MTHFR resources from Ben Lynch, research papers from Sayer Ji (http://greenmedinfo.com/), Amanda Rose's ebook about her...
The Women's Resource Center in Nashville Indiana is open - drop-ins welcome on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Various practitioners in this location include a labor doula, a postpartum doula, a licensed clinical social worker, and a naturopath. Next door to the Holistic Vet.  Same building as WholeNotesMusic.com (Reiki therapy with music).  1156 Old State Road 46.  The mission is to offer free information and help make connections between practitioners and those who seek...
probably not what you're thinking, liza, but i use this in my ical and in my google calendar:  http://pagancalendar.co.uk/
and another link: http://www.religions-and-spiritualities-guide.com/journal-handmade.html
so, the first part of my book is my datebook from We-Moon.  then what?   the binder i'm using (remember, a recycled fancy datebook-organizer thing with tabs and all) has a section for phone numbers with alphabet tabs even.   i'm thinking i need a section for each sabbat.  perhaps starting with a favorite poem/blessing and a piece of artwork for each, a favorite recipe, a meditation.  and then i just add as i encounter new possibilities.        
oh and another new idea about how to make super cool paper.   Vintage Printables is a website (blanking on exact URL) with scanned high quality public domain images.  You could import the image, scale it down to appropriate size, then print it with a transparency layer, so that you could still write on top of it and simultaneously still see the image.    
jumping in like liza_s.  thanks aeress for starting this thread!  super way to start a new year.   my problem with inventory and to-do lists is that i can never keep them current.  even posting the inventory list inside the cupboard door didn't help.  and husband has a wiki set up for to-do lists...   what i'd like is to organize it in a more BOS fashion, with mostly recipes, blessings, seasonal and inspirational poetry (that i find coz, you know, i just don't...
there must be something calling us lurkers out today...   maia - love the new 'do :)   redveg - hope your garden is wetter than my dusty dirt.  is it bad when i weed one bed and have enough grass for almost a straw bale?   aubergine - happy birthday!  i have a lovely pepper plant or two.  with no peppers.  but the plants are huge.  but no flowers, no peppers.  my best plants are the volunteer tomato plants and the blue lobelia.  so what does that lobelia...
bumping.   It is as friendly as you want it to be.  It helps very much if you have labor doula support and delay going in as long as possible.  Also, you don't need to sign consent forms if you don't want a procedure.  I believe strongly in informed consent, so always ask questions before you consent.
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