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same thing here; I went to the bathroom several times last week expecting to see mucus plug too - just had the same sensations that I had when pre-labouring with dd. Crampy, purging stools, lots and lots of BH...I'm trying to make an effort to slow down and make sure that I'm drinking enough
OK, that's it - I'm going over to Bobbi's house to have my baby cos her mom's going to be cooking and then I won't have to see my horrid sOB I think we're pretty much 'ready', at least physically. I don't have any PP supplies for me yet, but I'm working on that, and I suspect that my Mum wants to do some serious shopping for both wee ones whilst she's here, so clothes for babe won't be an issue. I have the bucket seat from dd that we'll use this winter, but then I need...
the absolutely most thoughtful gift that we received for dd was a box of used NB clothes that she'd taken the time to shop for, and wash, and wrap beautifully. There must have been a dozen sleepers in there, undershirts, sweatpants etc....they were all in amazing condition, and I knew that she'd put such a lot of thought into it. They also had 0$ at the time, so I knew that it was a *huge* thing for them to do. It was so sweet and so much appreciated.
dear dd, Thank you for those amazing moments of joy that I feel when I'm watching you play or 'read' to your toys. It feels as though my heart is going to explode. I'm sorry that mummy is more tired and grumpy now - I'll be back to myself soon I promise... love always, your mummy dear Nightmare Fairy, Buzz Off! No really, just BUZZ OFF! You're not welcome here, especially not when you're visiting my dd. She's just a little girl who needs her sleep, and...
Well, I'm at 31w3d now, and it definitely feels as though this babe is getting closer and closer to being ready My mum is flying in tomorrow for a 10 day visit; should make for an interesting time, as we don't necessarily see eye to eye on a few things, but I'm really thrilled that dd gets to spend some time with her Grandma. The spare room is also home to all of the 'baby' things, and Charlie is having a lot of fun picking things up, bringing them to me, and asking...
ok, that's just plain annoying - and RUDE! I *think* my mum knows better than to say that....I couldn't guarantee what I'd say if she did :
we've been feeding all of the dogs Merrick - the wilderness blend formula, but I am strongly tending towards going home-made, at least for Angie; it's going to be really important that she has great sources of protein, but relatively low fibre and fat - if we make it here to order I'll be able to control that, and also make sure that the fats etc that I'm using are going to be beneficial. I still have a lot of research to do though....thank goodness for Google
well, the good news is that it's not Lymphoma. The bad news is that it *is* EPI - basically her pancreas has ceased to produce any digestive enzymes, and she therefore can't break down any food. She still has enough Islet cells to prevent her from being diabetic, but over 90% of her pancreas is non-functional. So, it's enzymes with every meal for the rest of her (hopefully long) life...she should start to improve within a week or so, and we'll just take it from...
Congratulations! Happy Gotcha Day, Clue enjoy - the puppy stage is just too much fun with these guys :
well, thank goodness it's not just me - I was beginning to worry. The last few nights it has been better - the overnight low's been around 4 degrees C, so I've been able to cool off a bit, but I still definitely drip a *lot* Combine that with the, mmmmmm, *ahem* juiciness, and I feel like a goddess :
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