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It's time I come out of lurkdom and introduced myself. I'm Melissa, student midwife, wife, and mother of 4 daughters. I'm just beginning my studies and I have a LOT to learn. I'm happy to be here! :
Congrats!! I can't wait to meet him!! ::: I can't think of a better baby cathcher!
That's great! I was late in finding this thread. Thanks Synchro246, for hooking me up. I will need a couple of days to work out the details, but I'm pretty confident in saying that I'm in!! Yay!!
Going to talk to DH about this right now...
Yay! Another DD married off...lol... Congrats on you healthy baby!!
Quote: Originally Posted by adtake It is horrid that the law has the limitation, but it is a step in the right direction!! It was a huge move that TN got the law. It is easier to change a law than get one passed. I swear we had a list started a while back with all those involved so you could email, but with the search features limited I can't find it right now...I will keep looking. FOUND IT! Here it is... TN Law Thanks! Off...
Does anybody know who we should direct our disapproval of the TN law to? I want to see this law get changed. The '12 months or younger' is totally insane. Where does one begin?
Over and out!
Yes! I am very slender and don't gain a lot of weight with my pregnancies. The biggest change I notice in my body is the width of my hips. Historically, it has taken me a good 9 months to get back into my favorite jeans. Unfortunately, the bones shifting back into place is painfully slow. But they do go back, so I don't fret over it too much. Feet, IDK about. That must be one of the very few pregnancy side effects I don't get! LMBO!
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