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It was just a really bad idea to have them talking to the camera, with no music or response or anything. It's creepy!
Quote: Originally Posted by IdentityCrisisMama Like others have said, kids tend to ask the questions they are ready for, imo. DC went in stages - like absorbing a chunk at a time. At one point she got all the way to, "But, how does the sperm get from the penis to the vagina." I took a deep breath (not quite ready for this myself) and said, "Sex, mostly." Do you know what DC said after that? "Oh," and that was that for a long, long time. My...
Last I checked, there has never been a definitive study showing that ANY multivitamin is actually good for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sierra That's terrible! I think in that particular situation, I would have probably gone up and said in a very enthusiastic tone: "What a gorgeous, sweet girl you have there! Oh, she is just so precious!" If the woman had continued to rant, I most likely would have directly but sweetly countered it, such as (in a sweet, tender voice), "Oh, she's not disgusting at all. She's just a curious baby..." (and looking right at the...
Thanks for the lingo tip, I'll definitely use it!
I'm so sorry for your loss. If you haven't already, I would suggest posting in Pregnancy and Birth Loss. Or just searching. There have been a lot of threads about waiting out m/cs, or deciding whether or not to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marsupialmom I think the marketing consultant did their job, we are talking about them. Good point! Though I'm certainly not going to buy any Stayfree maxi pads.
Quote: Originally Posted by Devaskyla Ds1 says that a lot. And he smacks himself, too. It's driving me crazy. I just tell him he knows that's not going to happen, so stop saying it. I think he thinks that being hit would be better than feeling guilty/having to admit he made a mistake & do things differently. It's been a regular thing for at least a year now & it's very disturbing. This sounds like a healthy developing conscience, to me!
I did, but I prefaced it with something like, "When a grown-up mommy gets pregnant," to clarify that it wouldn't happen to her.
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