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I like Augustus! That's my son's middle name, and we call him Gus. I also really like the sound of Jordan Armand.
This is my mantra to myself this year. Looking back over dd's 1st grade year, I realized I didn't push nearly hard enough to get her more challenged in the classroom. I was thinking about it the other day and thinking how I didn't want to bother the teacher because she had so much else to worry about, and so I came up with the above mantra. Silly, I know, but I hope it works!
Quote: Originally Posted by _ktg_ That was hilarious with such an odd overtone - such as why are there a selection of maxi-pads on the table here? At one point= I couldn't look up at the screen ie his interest in the soft cotton-y layer... One of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Yes! One of the most random things I've seen in a long time, too. With unemployment where it is right now, I pity the marketing consultant...
You could try Goof-Off, which is nasty, nasty solvent. Or maybe Simple Green, undiluted?
I was going to say bedbugs, which we don't have here. Otherwise, I don't think they would necessarily be cleaner or dirtier than any new clothes. Unless they have BO or a cigarette smell or something. Could lice live that long? I don't know.
Last night we were at Wal-Mart (you knew this story was going to take place there!) and I was in the bathroom. While I was in the stall I heard someone come in and a woman say, "You screwed up really bad this time, girl!" in a terrible tone of voice. I was surprised to hear a cry that sounded like a baby, but when I came out, it was a young toddler, probably about 16 months old. She was changing her diaper and was just totally berating her. Every time she'd cry a little...
I love Planet Earth, too, but the "Life" series which is very similar and narrated by Oprah is a little more basic and preschooler friendly. My 3 yo got a little bored by some of Planet Earth, but loved "Life".
Quote: Originally Posted by odenata How about the Tom Arma kids costumes? They freak me out, kind of like Anne Geddes pictures do. I so agree with you about Anne Geddes, but never mention it because so many people LOVE her. It kind of gives me the willies to see a baby in a flower though. I imagine a praying mantis or big spider coming along and eating it. We used to have a Furby and a puppy. I have never laughed so hard in my life. He was...
This guy sounds majorly controlling! I totally agree with the pps, that it's time to end your relationship, and if you can move, get away from him. He sounds way, way insecure and confrontational.
Quote: Originally Posted by LauraN Love the grandmotherly types with the juice boxes! They rock! Everyone else should go suck an egg I have to say that I have just decided to attribute different intentions to those who stare when we're having a moment. I notice them and imagine they're thinking, oh wow, what a great mama handling that so well. They may wellbe having different thoughts altogether, but it works for me Posted via Mobile...
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