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I would just nod and smile and talk about how she's going to go far in life, or something similar. My third is like this, and I do sometimes make remarks to other moms, especially when we're at the park together or something and ds2 has just done something totally outrageous. I express how I'm overwhelmed not because I think they will have some words of wisdom for me, but as a way to make myself feel less embarrassed. In fact, I will sometimes say something like,...
My dh hurt his back and was prescribed percoset, his bottle said not to take them for more than a week, so I assume that was kind of the window in which you could start to become addicted? Can you call your pharmacist and ask their opinion?
We've sold two cars on CL for cash, and before that, in my early twenties, I sold lots of horses for various amounts of cash through the traditional want ads. I never worried about my safety, and I did count the bills very carefully, as would they.
Meh, I didn't do many either. My life got in the way this summer! They're 7, 5, and 3, they can play with each other. I don't worry about it too much. We did have a lot of grownups over (guys who work w/dh, relatives associated w/a funeral, neighbors), and they hung out with them, too. So it's not like they're totally isolated.
you don't wear size 11.5 shoes. It's so flipping hard to find them! Especially affordable ones! That's all. Just had to vent.
Why didn't she just send you the unstained onesie instead, and never mention that the one she had originally listed was stained? Oh, maybe they're different?
My MIL is a chronic returner. She doesn't shop with friends, but I think she doesn't want the salespeople at the fancy department store to think she can't afford something, so she'll buy it even if she doesn't like it, and then return it in a few days. I NEVER feel guilty about returning things that break/don't work. Most stores return those items to the manufacturer, and I always hope that improves quality/helps fix the defect.
I guess you've tried just googling it? I've had pretty good luck with that for landlines. Maybe you could call the phone company in the area code they're coming from?
I think telling anonymously sounds like a good plan. I have read many threads on here where women were cheated on, and they always say they wish someone had told them (just like in this one), so I've revised my previous views. I used to think it was none of my business, but now I would tell if I knew.
I am worried about this happening, because our dd is named Ramona and now the movie is coming out. For years people have been associating her with Ramona Quimby, though she isn't named after her, and now I am afraid everyone's going to jump on the bandwagon! Oh well. I also have a very common name, and it hasn't really affected me one way or the other.
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