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My 3 yo actually tells both me and dh quite frequently that he hates us. We sometimes say, "Oh, are you angry at me?" but mostly I just let it go. I actually think that, at the moment, he DOES hate us. That's the beauty of being three, ya know? You get to be so caught up in the moment of your emotions, with hardly any prefrontal interference
Yes, we used disposable wipes most of the time. I lined my garbage cans with old grocery bags, and just took them out often. I had them where the kids couldn't get into them, but sometimes the dogs ate them. So that was gross! You could just roll them up in the cloth diaper and wash them, then throw them away. We washed them many times by accident and it didn't seem to cause any problems.
Well, it kind of sounds like they have a squalor/neglect situation, and if CPS has actually been called before and has been to the home, it may be that there's a case open and they're working with them. Most CPS workers would pick up on feces in the home and get the family involved with services in some way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla How can any of you afford to save extra change in the first place? When I get change, it goes into the change section of my wallet. When I buy something that isn't an even dollar amount, I'll pay out in exact change if I have enough coins to do so (at least if it's under 75 cents.) I have, at times, paid for necessary items at the end of the month with a few singles and over $1 in coins! The change section...
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Hmm.. no, I don't think so (I'm not the one you were replying to though). My family's insurance is just shy of $900 a month with a $1000/$2500 deductible. And while I have hearing loss and vision loss, they don't require any medical care, they cost me nothing but lost earnings maybe. Other than that we are healthy, we don't have surgeries or anything. A couple of times we went to the ER when DD bust her head open...
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmommie Wow! Where did you find such cheap insurance?! We are paying 750 a month so 390 would be Awesome! Also, how many kids do you have? I didn't figure we would qualify for CHIP, but if you guys do I bet we would too. You mentioned your dd's surgery, right? Maybe that's why your health insurance is so high? If not, I would suggest high deductible insurance and pay cash for doctor's visits, especially if...
That actually made me laugh. How can you compulsively bf? Maybe if you're a wet nurse? Hiring yourself out to too many moms? Weird.
Just another mom who talks openly about racism. I didn't follow all the links, but maybe one was to the study where children had internalized negative messages about race even though their parents hadn't realized it? It was done in Austin, and was fascinating. After I read that, I decided to talk about racism a lot. It helps that one of my children is named Luther, so that creates additional interest. Last MLK day we got some books and listened to some stuff on NPR...
Just stumbled in here from new posts, and wanted to let you know that I've had to do that a number of times and my kids have no special needs or other issues, aside from being kids. Everyone should have been understanding, and if I were there, you would have had my utmost sympathy, not judgment.
I think that would work, but I don't know how long they would last. Does anyone wear shoes in there? We put floating cork down once, and it was lovely. It feels soft under your feet, and it's warm and nice. We found some for pretty cheap online, but it would probably still be more than those tiles. A remnant of vinyl flooring would probably be really cheap, too.
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