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Would this website appeal to you? http://www.anaturalsparkle.com I'm hoping to slightly revamp my website and have looked at it for so long I can't see straight or think about the content anymore. I'd love your ideas, if you have any! TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Just wanted to give support. I was about Olivia's age when my dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer - and that's one of the kinds that spread really quickly. His kidney was removed within 24 hours. 25 years later I still have my dad Here's prayers that it will be a similar story for your family. Hope it turns out like this!
Quote: Originally Posted by rhiOrion Haha, my aunt, uncle, and cousins were on there! http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/2010/03/01/punked/ Awesome! I love that picture! I have a great picture from sister's wedding, but I haven't ever gotten around to scanning and uploading it. I love it because it has a "laughing with" vibe.
So sad! Please update as soon as you hear anything. I was going to ask if the grandmother was stable, I was afraid he had been shaken.
I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, and could use some ideas. Currently, I have a green housecleaning business, which is going well but is ever-so-slightly impacted by my somewhat minor vision issues (slight distortion/wavy lines, tons of floaters, lower vision in poor lighting). I am thinking I could grow enough that I am not doing any of the actual cleaning, but that will probably take a while. I also have a bachelor's in Sociology which...
Yes! And it was very "nice" of you to give him a little education in how to be a landlord - it will probably come in real handy for him!
Newborns have much better peripheral vision for like the first 3 weeks or so (can't remember exactly), so don't worry! A great book I would suggest is "What's Going on in There?" by Lise Eliot. It is soo interesting and really helps put some of those fears to rest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tigerchild I dunno, I guess I am oversensitive because my DD is in the beginning stages of puberty--but this latest zOMG GIRLS GET PUBERTY blitz in the media is really starting to make me sad and angry. Why does there have to be something *wrong* with a girl (whether it's that she's "too fat", her mom is crappy, or she doesn't eat "the right things") starting puberty? I love how all these studies list a danger of girls...
My 3 yo is often exactly like this, too. And he is often very happy to be the one that is put in prison, kidnapped, the dragon, arrested, chased, etc. by his brother and sister. I don't worry about it too much though. Since he has his brother and sister to play with a lot of the time, when I play with him I try to direct it toward gentle, caring games like veterinarian, babysitter, cook, etc. so he doesn't forget that he can be kind and loving, too.
Fear not! That beautiful spider is here to help you by eating the pests!
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