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I just don't understand this behavior, and am kind of looking for some insight. FIL is depressed, a supposedly-recovering alcoholic, and someone with some pretty obnoxious social skills. MIL is a great grandmother and loves to take the older two kids over for sleepovers. Last time they were there, though, FIL taught them this stupid, stupid song about a monkey's a-hole. It doesn't even make any sense, it's just obnoxious. I imagine he's trying to get a rise out...
I know someone whose dh would not let her buy a play cleaning set for her son. He said it was because it was pink and had a girl on the box, but I had to wonder if he also thought it was just because boys shouldn't clean. I pity that boy's future roommates and partners!
I ate pretty well and ran 3.5 miles today, but my weight hasn't budged. I went in for my annual PAP on Friday, and the CNM was talking about a study she had heard about where instead of journaling their food, people had to photograph it. I am thinking kind of seriously about doing this, because I know there is A LOT of food that goes into my mouth without me thinking about it. And at least if I had to stop and take a picture, I MIGHT stop and think. Big might.
I did a half marathon once, and I had trained for it and did just fine, came right in at my target time, etc. But I found it to be QUITE boring. So maybe running just isn't for you? If you love the elliptical, do what you love! Life's too short!
Heck no! It's not peaceful at all, except at times. I really strive for peace early in the morning, when everyone's getting up. I try to move slowly (which is easy first thing in the morning), snuggle, etc. But otherwise? No, we're pretty chaotic, too. We are here most of the time, so maybe once the kids are all in school, etc., they'll want more of a refuge/haven from home.
ITA with the disposable plates. Also, can you just stick the dishes in the sink with some hot water in the morning, and then head out for a loooong play/walk/park time? Maybe some exercise would help her settle down? I would also work on sneaking away from her while she's asleep at night.
Quote: Originally Posted by ambereva I'm home with a sick kid today and not much hope on the horizon for a workout...I'm thinking of investing in a treadmill for days like this. Hey I have a question for other tall and heavy runners. I'm 5'10 and 170 pounds of broad shouldered muscle, I'm in great shape with phenomenal cardiovascular endurance, but I can't seem to get my pace to budge much past about a 10 minute mile. I'm assuming it's purely physics,...
Ooh, can I join late? I've been trying to get back into running, but dh has been working a ton. He's going to be out of town for most of June, but I just got a new tube for a flat on my stroller, so I can run some.
Just finished most of Cathe's All Step workout before the kids needed me. Still weighing in at 178, which, incidentally, puts my BMI at 24.8, a tenth of a point from being overweight. In the immortal words of Gob Bluth, "Come on!"
I'm kind of in the not-so-freaky camp, myself. I've actually made that spanking comment before, kind of tongue-in-cheek when explaining my GD stance, and I could see my kids accidentally overhearing it, though I always try not to let them hear me talk like that. And I have a niece who would totally do something like the posing, or lifting up her shirt. And I kind of remember her even making little comments about sex. She didn't even watch that much TV, but she's what...
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