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Castile soap works well, as does soapnuts liquid-especially if you put it into one of those foamer things-clears up eczema to boot!
My 10 yo son recently had a very bad case of chapped lips that ended up involving his chin, and the sides of his mouth-it was painful and cracked. The Lanolin cleared it within 1 week
I got some awesome plants from compost. basically I was lazy and didn't turn it enough so I got potatoes, tomatoes, and a honeydew vine. This was mu first year back gardening and I spent more. But I already have a variety of saved seeds for spring planting. A money saver I hadn't considered before I did it this year is to just buy herbs in pots and transplant after using into the garden. It costs $2 for a package of fresh herbs and $4 for the whole plant. Pays for itself...
My dobie is a very enthusiastic, loving, HUGE dog. So we did sorta crate train him-he had the laundry room to himself to sleep in and since it is open to the rest of the house we just used a baby gate. That way too, he could see us and calm down before he was unleashed. And if the person over was scared of dogs, they were safe and I could go reassure him. We found it to be a necessity because of his size and the fact that we always had tons of kids over. Now he is older...
I just asked and he was fine with it. We really didn't have much grass to begin with, and trying to weed and feed it killed it more. So now we have a nice garden area being taken over by pumpkin vines!
I love my soap nuts and have used them exclusively for over a year. Here are a few tips I have picked up from friends and through trial and error Greasy type stains need to be pretreated-I found the same with all natural soap so I am used to it. I use castille soap and the stains mostly come out. I use non-chlorine bleach for whites. In the summer everything gets hung outside so stains were never and issue-now that it is winter I can't do it as much. The dryer seems to...
The kitten is young enough to adapt well to bathing. If you start now a weekly bath will cut both dander and saliva related allergens. The first cat I got when I got married was a rescue at about 6 weeks-my hubby was allergic and I bathed him for the first 6 months or so. hubbies allergies abated and stopped by then and we are now 11 years later with the same cat +2 more and a dog, no itchies
I get freezed dried chicken strips or dog jerky from Trader Joe's and put that in , broken into big pieces and wedged in-takes him a while
My daughter had that from birth till we started treating her eczema with homeopathic utica urens and fish oil pills-cleared up both things in about a month and she hasn't had them since
I have three cats and one large Booda Loo-We use Fry's(AKA Kroger) brand crystal blend scoopable litter and I scoop every other day and it doesn't smell. We have tried Swheat Scoop, Johnny Cat, Yesterdays News, and a bunch of others and this is the only one my very particular dominant female will use. Anything else and she will go right outside the box to show her displeasure. Then again she is also allergic to most other litters-not this one for whatever reason
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