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Because I believe ALL children have the right to intact genitals
You can look for the specific mattress on the Ikea website and then see what the specific impact of the components are. I know I have bought two of the foam mattresses for my kids because they were low in VOCs and affordable.
My dobie has destroyed most toys easily, but the Kong stood up to all the abuse. The other thing he loves-but you gotta watch them-is 2 liter bottles. When it is empty we throw it to him and he will sit and work at it for about 30 minutes and unscrew the lids. Then we thow those any and he will fetch the bottle forever. Cheap and recycleable.
About the pits of fire. I started rubbing shea butter into my pits before applying the Funk Butter and making sure to wash it off at night. No more pits of fire and no BO all summer here in hell
Funk Butter by Oyin is magic
Cut it into strips for staking plants in the garden-the spanex left will allow the plants to grow/move and the non-natural nature of the fabric will keep mold at bay
you can use one spray bottle with vinegar water and another with hydrogen peroxide. Just spray one then the other on the spot and it is a VERY effective antibacterial. I just want to say too-Lysol is NOT supposed to be sprayed into the air. It is a surface disinfectant and not meant to be inhaled.
I finally gave up and just hoped that a few things would survive. And since I went back to work i couldn't spend a ton of time smashing bugs. I went out yesterday and guess what-I had another invasion-of predatory wasps, lady beetles, and praying mantises!! Not a squash bug in site. I am cautiously optomistic and hoping that being patient will do it. Oh and my watermelons are going nuts, woohoo.
I vacuum my animals
I agree, my kids may know not to take the dogs stuff but it will enforce food/toy aggression to allow it. The dog MUST be the low man on the todem pole or you are asking for him to try and assert dominance over a visiting kid.
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