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google "squash bug" and see pix. They are beetles that lay little orange eggs under the plant leaves. They are lavendar when they are young and turn brown as they age. If you squish them they smell like really ripe cantelope.
My daughter stumbled on a way to control them. She was feeding the birds and threw a BUNCh of seed in the pumpkins and watermelons. The birds went nuts, ate everything in sight and we had no buggies for 2 days. Of course then they flew back in, but between that and manual squishing(eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww) we are ahead of them, I hope.
The affected plants have been sacrificed but I worry that the DE will harm my good buggies too. GRRRRRRRR!
I have lost all my lovely zuccini plants to the darn things. Now they are going after my watermelon and pumpkin-I am even pulling off pepper leaves with the eggs underneath. I have read about diatomaceous earth but I don't want to harm the couple of praying mantises I have seen, or any other benificial bug. So am I stuck just squashing the things? I have spent the last week weeding out all under plant growth to make it less hospitible and found out by accident that they...
I also live in AZ and work in a preschool so I gotta use the nasty stuff-but if it is a requirement you can reduce the impact on the kiddos by following the directions to the letter and making sure others do too. For example-a preschool I previously worked at hired someone that attempted to undermine me in everything including the no bleach thing. She had always used diluted bleach and wanted to continue. Thing is most health departments require ANY cleaner that is toxic...
Anyone know how to prepare the seeds? I have had a couple and my vines are loaded now but I am wondering how to preserve the seeds so they are viable.
I love my soapnuts and wash EVERYTHING with them. My local mamas group is getting into them and have had great success with diapers. I make a household cleaner with soapnuts liquid/white vinegar/TTO and use it for everything. My hubby has been using the liquid for his head/scalp and it has gotten rid of a persistant red flaky thing he has dealt with for years. I can't say enough-they rock!
oh that is adorable-reminds me of my friends pit/boston terrier mix, same ears!
The TTO is an antifungal, anti-bacterial and great for all that kind of cleaning. Just make your cleaner with a little more.
Stopped using Melaleuca after 5 years, cause I still had to use fabric softener. Sam with all, and wisk, etc etc. I use SoapNuts-economical, easy, they actually treat skin conditions, and they leave your clothes without ANY residue so they are softer than fabric softener will ever get them. www.maggiespureland.com
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