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Maggies Pureland will be selling liquid soon!! It is the soapnuts+ Eo like lavendar and TTO. So if you are losing the bags or prefer a liquid you can buy it instaed of making it. They are selling saples for cheap at the site now.
I saw a car in the parking lot for my daughters ballet class that was plastered with pro-breastfeeding, normal birth, co-exist, stickers on it and I started up a conversation and found out she was a mom on one of my online groups! My husbands comment when he saw the car was "hey looks like you could be friends" She did say that one of her BF stickers and a Feminism sticker got ripped off my someone-HOW RUDE! and yes I would totally rock that sticker.
Most dogs will eat poop-especially cat poo since their diet is much richer than dogs so the poop smells good to them-eeeeeeewwwwwww. The only way to really prevent it is to be diligent about picking it up and the eagle eye approach. Mine did it but has grown out of it.
You can get rid of mild fleas by bathing the kitty. You can also purchase a flea comb and drop the fleas you get into rubbing alcohol. It kills them quick.
My friend didn't circ her son and was sure to show me when they came to visit. I think it was just the fact that I made her think about something she wouldn't have. And she also listened to my brokenhearted ranting when my sister circed her boys despite ALL the info. It made me feel good that I stopped at least one little baby from being hurt. Another friend noticed my anti-circ signature on e-mail and I sent her links to the video and here. Another little guy left normal
Thank you for telling about washing hair with soapnuts. My long, fine, easily tangled hair is soft and full! And my scalp feels lovely-woohoo.
I read while researching that mulching with newspaper also deters them. I lost another one today and went out to buy a newspaper-So I will be braving the heat tomorrow to try and save my last three plants.
OKay-you could also just think like an animal-sounds weird but works. Ages ago when I was a teenager we had a very elderly cat that would go out and bask in the sun in one corner of the yard. A neighbirhood tom cat would come over and beat the crap out of him which meant loads of vet bills. We took the cat over, sent the owner vet bills to no avail. He was a menace to the whoel neighborhood. My dad got fed up and went out one night and "marked" the yard. The cat stayed...
Thank You!
Hey all guess what? They are going to be selling a soapnuts liquid with EO in it from the Maggies Pureland site. One of the moms local to me co-ops it for us and she has samples. It isn't being sold at the site yet but you can get a sample for something like 10 cents.
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