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This may be a silly question but when do you know when your watermelons are ripe? I have never successfully grown them but I have a lovely round moon and stars watermelon and need to know when it is ready. We have picked one but I had to cause the dog though it was a ball and tried to scoot it around and put a whole in it. It was yummy but I think it could have been riper.
Don't know if this helps but every summer when I was a kid I spent time in Ore picking and eating gallons of blackberries. They were beautiful and blck this time of year but not sweet till the very end of August begining of Sept. So we ate rasberries till then
No flames-I could never terminate a pet pregnancy either. And I live with being REALLY careful since I have an unfixed cat due to her frightening and self harming reaction to being in a crate and in the car. But since you are keeping a pregnant doggy you need to make sure she is eating well of course and has access to fresh water all the time. I would use the almighty Google and check out "pregnancy in dogs" Your vet will be able to tell you how many puppies to expect so...
I would point out to her that since her class is using VERY outdated information it is possible that they either do not have access to more recent data(not likely) or that they are going along with the bias of the person teaching the class. Then send her what the overall risks are for her child to actually suffer from on of the mentioned diseases-and then also what the risk will be for complications from the procedure. Not to mention that if they are telling her that the...
They seemed to be focused on one plant so I just removed the entire plant and I will be keeping a close eye on the others. I am glad I planted way to many zuke plants-thanks for the DE reccomendation I will get some. Our second growing season is coming up so it will be useful.
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I just found these all over one of my zuccinis and didn't know what they were. I guess I will be off on a killing spree tomorrow.
Max is usually wherever I am so that makes it easy. But I agree that it depends on the dog. My daughter was 2 when we got Max and by the time she was almost 4 and he was nearly grown she had almost as good a handle on him as I did. It was funny to see that big ol dog following the every command of a little girl. My older son however is just really confortable this past year or so and he is 9! Max just didn't recognize him as being dominant and ds was intimidated. Now they...
Aren't they amazing? What wonderful person came up with them-but I would like to see chocolate covered PB Joe Joe's
Just an update-we used the "door" training and within 2 days he would go stand in his spot when we said it. He is even starting to do it when someone comes to the door by himself which is cute.
I have a dryer but don't really use it from about May-October or November. Especially in the summer it is so hot here that drying outside takes about 1/2 the time as drying in a dryer. I do air fluff my clothes for a few minutes to get the lint and residual animal hair off. But that is about it.
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