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Oh where to start. I LOVE the convenience of their frozen organic veggies. Both my kids teethed on frozen bluberries and peas from TJ's. They also carry preservative free meats of you are an omnivore, and wonderful dog treats. Really, take your time, walk to isles, try to figure out how you lived without
I buy the soapnuts from Maggies Pureland. I haven't tried washing my hair with it. I switched right from Melalueca to making my own cleaner and it is MUCH cheaper.
Why not sponge bath most of the time and then just bathe with him once or twice a week? Both my kids were walkers by that age and all over the bathtub, so we showered or bathed with them to have greater control.
You don't do it because there is NO reason for it. And it isn't your body, and he is your baby-a new beautiful life that is depending on YOU to protect him from the things that would hurt him. I also had to sit and listen to a little guy be circed while we waited for my son to be discharged from the NICU. I have never, ever heard a sound like that before. It was terrifying and made me in my postpartum state want to rush the door and protect that poor little innocent thing...
How about some dish soap? It cuts grease which will help get out the body oils that are making it cling to the fabric.
I'm gonna second the sun bleaching-you will be stunned at how well it gets the poop stain out. I always sunned all my poop diapers and they stayed white throughout their use.
They should change color and depending on the type get a yellow to orange rind color. And the stripes become less noticable
When our dog was a puppy and started chewing toys we did two things on the advice of a friend who raised dogs for a while 1. Do not buy ANY toys that resemble the kids toys-so no stuffed animals etc. 2. Make a specific place for the dogs toys and the kids toys. We got three big boxes, one for the kids toys, one for the shoes, and one for Max's toys. If he had something he shouldn't I said OFF and took it away. He stopped really quickly. As for the anxiety-is she getting...
I love the stuff- I asked them about the black soap-it isn't on the site cause they are haing issues with the foaming pump. They say it will come back. And since they have expanded the shipping time is supposed to be sooner. I am mod for a moms group in my area and we have a regular co-op going for our funk butter addiction. It does save in shipping
I am another soapnuts lover-they are awesome. I bought the kilo bag about 4 months ago. SO far I haven't even used 1/2 the bag and made my own cleaner as well. They are amazing!!
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