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Well we are way past that point now but for future reference I will check it out-thnx
I don't know what to tell you, it stinks that the bias is SO prevalent. But it is. A friend of mine lost her pit mix cause her step father took it to the shelter while she was at work and they euthanized the dog the SAME DAY cause it growled at a worker messing with it's food. Personally I would call the ASPCA on the owners and just say that they have neglected to properly train the dog and you feel they can't control it. It is better than someone being really hurt.
oh I need this too!:
the seeds get really really heavy which is why the head is bending down. The ants love the sticky sap and I had swarms over all of mine and they produced gigantic flower heads and tall stalks-the tallest could be seen from the front yard! Hand in there-it seems like forever but they will bloom!
I have some volunteer heirlooms from me throwing some tomatos going south in the general direction of the tomatoes(gotta love lazy gardening) they are doing well with daily watering-I actually just turn the hose on very low and let it soak while I hang my laundry. The only time I don't water is when it rains and we are in the midst of 100+ temps and very low humidity. They aren't producing tons but they are setting fruit.
Female flowers have a rounded bases, basically teeny tiny seed storeage. The males don't
I use my Earth hand washing detergent or Ecos and both get cooking grease out no problem. I also use it on my hubbies white shirt collars and cuffs from work since they get grey from his sweat(eeewwww)
Uh, yeah probably. They do some things greener, but I am sure they check out my big ol recycling bin, messy garden(can't help that my veggies are uncooperative as to where they want to grow), and compost heap and shake their head. I think they really don't get the fact that we don't do paper towels or kleenex. Oh well-their loss(in money)
YOu know I have never heard of this. We just fed our big guy a high quality large breed puppy formula. He is larger than normal for his breed, but I attributed that more to the fact that he ate homeade food with added oils and such during most of puppyhood so he was really healthy. Is it supposed to make them bigger or just fatter?
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