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The outlet in a closet/cabinet might keep you organized, but is also a fire hazard. Here it is against electrical code and might void your insurance. Something to think about.
Sorry! Let me try again. The S/M are too small. I can do the snaps up around the waist, but they are waaay too tight, and the rise is too small. The M/L fit her now on the tightest setting. She is 20 months and 23-24 pounds.
I would *guess* that it fits similar to a Swaddlebees pocket medium. My DD is 20 months and 23ish pounds and the M/L fit her perfectly. I can just about do up the S/M on her now, but the rise is too short.
I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you, Mama. I couldn't read your post and not comment since it sounds like things are rough for you right now. Big hugs. I say if he isn't willing to help out then maybe just keep both kids in your bed. Whatever gets you the best rest.
Thanks everyone. I did buy a couple of new toys that we are keeping over at the other house for her to play with while we are there. Bribery - check! I like the idea of her napping there so she gets a chance to wake up there a couple of times before we move in permanently.
Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare my toddler to move to a new house? She is very familiar with it because it was my IL's house. We have been talking about it and taking her over in the evenings while we work on it, but I'm not sure she understands. She is 20 months old and very verbal. Thanks, Daisy
Most of the time you can see the weave of the fabric under the fuzziness. Is the knit side usually the right side?
Thanks for your responses, particularly the book recommendations. I do not think the nursing is a problem, even if it does make her less hungry for other foods. My concern is that when she IS hungry that she eats such a limited variety of them. If she ate tiny amounts of 20 different things I wouldn't worry at all. I like the smoothie idea. I may try it with some soy milk or yogurt since one of the things she does eat is cheese/dairy. Now whether she likes the...
Nobody has any words of wisdom for me? At her 18 month checkup today her Dr. is recommending blood tests for iron levels and suggested that I wean her.: :
I'm starting to get very stressed about my very picky eater and being stressed about food is the last thing I want. I feel like a failure as a parent. My DD is 18 months old. She eats two meals a day "lunch" (around 11 am) and dinner (around 5pm) she sometimes snacks but not always, and nurses several times throughout the day and night. What is making me so stressed is her limited diet. She will eat pasta with tomato sauce (I always serve whole wheat products)...
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