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I was going to suggest assigning them each a breast and not switching every day. That was what finally worked for us. And I wasn't lopsided!
I've never felt any of mine that early, but how awesome if that's what it is!
I still have mine. PM me if anyone wants it. I'd like to get a little bit out of it.
she could be reacting to something else... eggs, wheat, dairy, fish, corn, soy, nuts. Have you added any new solid foods to her diet?
i am nursing one baby now after nursing my twins, but i have nursed two singeltons prior to that. all i can say is this seems like a piece of cake!
We used cloth for our twins and it was no big deal. My older DD was still in diapers when they were born, so I had a lot of diapers to wash! Just make sure you have plenty of diapers to get you buy, depending on how often you want to wash. And Congratulations!
My first was 7 hours. My second was 5 hours. It was 2.5 hours with the twins.
Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 I'm not a twin mama, but also pregnant and not having and u/s, I wondered if it was possible to *not know* about twins until the birth - I posted a thread and got many answers saying it IS possible! Several people had stories of women who measured normal, symptoms normal, no signs of twins till the second baby came out. There was even one or two stories of twins not being spotted on ultrasound! I'll try to find...
I would think that by 35 weeks you would have no doubt if you were having twins! I was ENORMOUS and measuring huge (like 50cm) at that point. It was also possible to palpitate two babies.
I was in a smiliar situation last year. I found out I was having twins at 18 weeks, and my lay mw doesn't do twin homebirths. I went on to have a wonderful, natural birth at the hospital. Here is a great website with lots of twin homebirth stories. Good luck!
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