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No side effects at all.  I haven't measured him however.  But the Doctor said he would probably grow an inch in 3 months.
We made the decision to start growth hormone injections.  We are entering our second month of it.
I had my first shot on Friday.  I hope it doesn't take long to catch up.  However, I am also Vitamin D deficient again.  So it is hard to tell yet.  
I just started B-12 injections for being deficient.  Anyone have experience with this?  Did it take you long to get back to normal range?
They put something in the IV which tricks the body into releasing growth hormone.  That is why he doesn't have to be asleep during the test.  
The STIM test only takes a couple of hours.   We went in at 8, they placed the IV and made numerous blood draws over a couple of hours.  We were done at 11:50am.
We did the STIM test on Tuesday.  I believe it takes 1 to 2 weeks for the results.  Oh and my son actually lost a pound in the two weeks since he saw the Doctor.  
We have only been doing the warm water.  Never did go back to castile soap.   Doing the enema each night is getting to be a bit of a struggle.    Gabrielle is starting to hate it.  But we have to keep reminding her if she doesn't, she could have an accident at school.  
We are having a follow up appointment with my son's Endo next week.  When we did the blood work and x-ray back in May.  Eventhough he is 8, the x-ray showed him to be between age 5 and 5 1/2.  His IGe level was on the very low end of normal.  The Endo said we will watch it and then go from there.  
Any update?  Were you able to get into the Doctor?  
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