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IIRC, the study that showed a rupture rate of around 10 or so percent (I don't recall the exact stat) included dehiscences (windows) in the rupture group so that study isn't a true picture of the risk.  Unfortunately, in the *many* doctors I spoke with, that seems to be the study that OBs like to quote.   Have you found an OB or MW that will attend?  I dealt with *many* and they seemed to consider me some sort of ticking time bomb (I have a similar J incision that...
This absolutely breaks my heart.  I pray, pray pray that Karen's lawyer is able to get a good jury.  It is NOT illegal for a MW to attend a breech homebirth in VA.   The potential implications to Karen, midwifery in VA as well as mamas/babies just chills me to the bone.  This is a very bad road that the Commonwealth has decided to go down.
Tysons is a part of McLean but it is only the southern most tip.  WRT family-friendly & affordable...both are pretty subjective terms.  That being said, I would consider it family-friendly.  No, it's not cheap but it's in line w/ the rest of NoVa and has a wide variety of options.  
I'm going to have to disagree with the description of McLean.  Yes, part of it is exactly as described (the Tysons section) but the majority of it is filled with housing (and trees).  There are condos, towns and SFH (both big and small).
If I could not not find a HCP that I trusted, I would consider it (of course, if I found such a person, I wouldn't have to lie).  I certainly understand lying to a HCP due to our current medical model in the US.  Mamas shouldn't have to lie but the fact is, Mamas are essentially not given a choice.  Telling the truth isn't always the best choice.  Long story short...had I lied to the doctors when in the hospital for PTL, my DD would likely not have been born at just 30...
Have you considered moving farther out and using the train to commute to DC?   There are definitely people who fit your description (there is a fabulous babywearing group w/ lots of awesome Mamas) but, IMO, they are scattered and not grouped into one particular area.   Avoiding things such as traffic/fast pace/high stress is really hard...maybe impossible in NoVa.  There's definitely money but just because someone has money doesn't make them materialistic...
If she shows up in labor 1) they cannot legally turn her away (EMTALA); and 2) they cannot force her to have a c/s (w/o a court order which is really rare)...she must first consent.  If the OB dumps her as a patient within about 30 days (would need to do research on the date) of the birth, it would constitute patient abandonment.   As a side note...that OB needs to realize that he doesn't deliver the baby..the Mama does.   Is she open to a HB?  Here's an...
You are absolutely not bugging them!  Go for it! :-)
    The forum rules prevent me from giving my full opinion of birth through Kaiser (especially VBAC) but I will say that I would NEVER go through Kaiser again for pregnancy/birth.  I've dealt w/ the doctors/CNM at Falls Church, Fair Oaks and Loudoun.   It's just not worth the money savings.  Yes, it's only $100 (well, when I went through Kaiser 4 years ago...not sure now) but it is SO worth the money to hire a CPM instead.
BTW....does she have a doula?  It's not too late and it sounds like an especially good idea to have one w/ this particular practice.
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