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Sending you guys tons of positive thoughts! Hope he's doing well and resting as comfortably as possible.
You also can use it short term just to get a good cycle going. If you try it for a week or two and get him sleeping better then you can always see if the new routine works without it. And what we've found is that sleep begets sleep. If either of my kids gets too little sleep, they're more inclined to keep getting too little sleep. If we can keep their sleep meeting their needs, they generally sleep better and easier. It's just that getting them into a routine that...
Melatonin won't keep him asleep, it only helps with falling asleep. I'd think it's something you could give him when he's having one of those nights where it's taking forever for him to fall asleep. I'd say that if he's only taking 15-30 minutes most nights to fall asleep he wouldn't need it those nights.
My kid has a tube (3 tubes actually!) and I wouldn't be mad if another child pulled one out. That's just kinda one of the risks you take letting your kid play like normal. Sometimes it hurts, other times it doesn't. Every single person in our house has accidentally pulled out a tube. Kids are naturally very curious and they are obviously not going to know that it's anchored in the kid's stomach. Most button style (which is what hers sounds like) have a balloon filled...
I'd see a neurologist that has experience in neuromuscular conditions. My son sounds somewhat similar and we see a neurologist at a neuromuscular clinic. We saw a regular neurologist before he was 1, but when his issues persisted and actually got worse we got transfered to neuromuscular.
being in the hospital is rough but I'm glad they're looking for answers.
I would be very uncomfortable with all of that. Did the ped say that they were going to do a swallow study because of the blue spells while feeding? They can also rx an apnea monitor for a while to see if she's having apnea spells. I just think that they need to look a little deeper just to make sure there isn't anything dangerous going on.
there's a tube hooked up to computer with a mouth peice on the other end, they usually use these soft padded things to pinch the nose closed. The kid puts the mouthpiece in their mouth and usually there is an image of a birthday cake or something like that and you blow out the candles. That's pretty much it for just your average run of the mill PFT.
L's gut is toast right now too. I'm desperate to try anything that'll help. If you try this, will you please tell me how it works for you guys? L's on elemental formula and we're still having issues with pain, gagging, barf, and formula backing up into his stomach. If a pill could make it better, I'd try it in a heartbeat. We're seeing dr K's GI in Houston in less than a month and I'll ask him about it then.
how long did it take for Alec's chair to come in? I'm hoping we get lucky and get it in 6 weeks because we have a cross country trip to some of his specialists and it's hard cramming all his junk in there with a bigger chair. Probably won't, but it'd be nice if it did.
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